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Designer Boxer Briefs or Other Underwear? What Your Underwear Says about You

Did you know that whether you wear designer boxer briefs, g-strings, or “tighty whiteys” says a lot about your personality? There are six key styles of underwear for men and the one you like says a great deal about how you are. It is no surprise, therefore, that designers are putting so much emphasis on creating underwear in different fabrics, designs, and colors so that they are always on trend. Let’s take a closer look.


Briefs are quite conventional but they also remain the most popular of all men’s underwear styles. The fit really snugly and provide support to all men’s assets. It is perfect for men who know what they like and who want to have some fabric covering both sides of their bodies. They don’t really want to experiment, sticking to the familiar.


Boxers are loose and comfortable and leave people feeling free. They have a spacious design, which is what men like about them. Men who wear boxers have a laid-back nature and may even be a little bit lazy. They prefer being comfortable than being on point. They tend to be friendly and have quite an old soul.

Designer Boxer Briefs

Designer boxer briefs were designed for the man who wants the best of both worlds. They want quite a bit of coverage but they also want to be comfortable. It is the underwear of choice for the man who works hard but who plays even harder. Sporty guys tend to wear these, as they like not just different fabrics, but also support and comfort so that everything sticks together. This is the man who knows what women want as well.


The bikini looks a little better than a standard brief. It is a sexy, revealing type of underwear that still provides support. It covers the most personal parts, but it reveals just enough to also tempt and tease. It is the underwear for the many who is dependable, masculine, and classy, but with a hefty dose of sex appeal.


Jockstraps were developed just before the boxer brief. They are perfect for athletic men who play football, soccer, rugby, or other heavily physical sports. The style enhances what they’ve got. It is a clear representation of men who believe they have to work hard but that style has to play a part as well.


The thong is as close to wearing nothing as possible. Yet, some thongs are surprisingly supportive. This is why they are becoming more popular as well. Men who wear thongs are often a bit of a show off, as they don’t mind revealing everything they’ve got.


The C-string is the newest type of underwear on the market. It is sexy yet supportive. There is no waistband with this underwear. People who are free of mind and spirit tend to wear them, as do those who are independent and who like to wear tight clothes.