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What Do Ulthera Treatment San Jose Professionals Offer?


Ultherapy is one of the latest nonsurgical methods of skin rejuvenation. It uses ultrasound technology to combat gravity and its ravaging effects on the body. Through ultrasound technology, it stimulates the body’s regenerative responses, thereby gradually and gently lifting the skin on the face, neck, chin, and eyebrow. In fact, the best Ulthera treatment San Jose has to offer can even be used to smooth wrinkles and lines on the décolletage.

Why Are Ulthera Treatment San Jose Options so Unique?

Ulthera treatment is the only FDA-cleared, noninvasive rejuvenation treatment that is able to lift the skin. Furthermore, no other current treatments use ultrasound technology to offer cosmetic benefits. It also uses ultrasound imaging, which means those who provide the therapy can actually see which parts of the tissue need to be targeted, while at the same time ensuring the energy goes exactly where it needs to go. And because Ultherapy has now added the “Décolletage Treatment” as well, it is the only noninvasive solution out there that the FDA specifically indicates can improve the appearance of the skin on the chest.

The Difference between Ultherapy and Laser

What sets Ultherapy apart is that it uses ultrasound – energy from sound waves. This has been scientifically proven to reach depths in the skin that no other noninvasive treatment procedure can reach. By getting to those depths, it stimulates new production of collagen, one of the foundational elements of the skin. Over the course of two to three months after the treatment, this results in a clinically proven lift. A laser, by contrast, uses light energy. While this can penetrate the skin, it cannot go as deep and it cannot maintain its temperature either. Hence, laser treatment is far more superficial. This is also why the FDA has not cleared it for lifting the skin. However, laser and Ultherapy is compatible, as they do two different things.

How Is Collagen Production Stimulated?

Through Ultherapy, professionals send targeted ultrasound energy at the right temperature to the right depth in the layers of the skin. This stimulates collagen to regenerate itself by effectively jumpstarting neocollagenesis, which is a natural process that leads to the creation of new, fresh collagen. There is no need for toxins, fillers, or creams. Rather, it works on the body’s own processes to rebuild collagen, leading to noticeable and natural results.

What Does it Feel Like?

When the ultrasound is delivered, you will feel some energy deposited at key locations and depths within the skin. This means that the neocollagenesis has started. The sensation doesn’t last very long and most people don’t find it overly uncomfortable.

How Long till I See the Results and Will They Last?

Some immediate effect is often noticeable, but it will take two to three months for the full results to become apparent, which is when the body will have regenerated the collagen. How long it lasts depends on your physiology, as the natural aging process will simply continue. In effect, it is like pressing the rewind button, but then pressing play again.