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Awesome Beauty Hacks For 2018


If you’re a fashionista and love looking good then it’s safe to assume you wear makeup and like to take care of your face, hair, nails and skin. In our go-go-go world it can be easy to fall into patterns that cause problems – eating too much junk food, not using the right cleansers because we aren’t taking the time to find the perfect one for our unique skin and its problems or even just constantly needing to look our best and finding we spend tons of time on our beauty regimens. Here are a couple of quick and easy beauty hacks that are sure to make your life easier!

Nail Whitening

Wearing nail polish all the time can cause your nails to become stained and yellowed. If you feel like changing it up a bit but you don’t want to go with chemical bleaching products from some of the larger nail care brands you can take it to a whole new level of whitening power by dipping your fingers in water mixed with denture cleaner! The solution of denture cleaner whitens up dentures to their former pearly shine, so why not nails? This isn’t just a theory either – it’s been tried and tested with great results! Easy peasy! So be sure to keep some on hand for those times your nails need a bit of a whitening up.

No Concealer? No Problem

No concealer can be an issue if you have dark circles under your eyes or spots that are more prominent than you’d like. Create your own quick version by adding some translucent powder to your foundation to thicken it up and then apply to the problem areas. It will blend in well with the rest of your foundation and give you the coverage you need for those problematic zones.

The Perfect Cats Eye

Are you sick of not being able to do the perfect cat’s eye eyeliner flick? Try putting a piece of tape along the outside corner of your eye and up over the eye socket for a perfect line. Thicken as needed, then repeat on the other side. No longer will you have to worry about making both sides even or straight – the tape will do the legwork for you!

QTip Mascara

2018 is all about the au naturel look and as a result this way of applying mascara will help to give you the ultimate in natural lashes with none of the over the top. The brushes in mascara are designed to separate and plump lashes while the QTip will simply help accentuate lashes without separating them and making them too ‘glam’.

Perfect French Manicure

If you’re looking for the perfect french manicure, take some typical scotch/cello tape and cut the end of it into a curved shape – usually requiring just trimming the corners off and shaping the end a bit. The result? Just cut off about an inch or two below the curved part and align to the whites of your nails for a no mess, DIY french manicure stencil.

So there you have a couple of easy, awesome beauty hacks to help you save time and energy next time you need to get something done from a cutesy natural mascara look to doing your nails. Enjoy!