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4 Clothing Items You Won’t Want To Travel Without

These days, travellers have enough to worry about, what with accommodation, food supplies, maps, transportation, and clothing all being of chief concern when you are abroad. But should you be focusing on those things rather than enjoying your vacation? Of course not – that’s why you need these four clothing items to keep you stress-free during your travels.

Laundry? Not A Problem Anymore With Merino Wool T-Shirts

The first item on the list is the merino wool t-shirts; packing just a couple quality merino wool t shirts can take the place of multiple shirts made cotton or polyester, because merino wool stays fresh for longer periods of time without being washed. So if the place you’re staying at does not have laundry services or you ran out of space in your luggage, there really is no problem. Merino wool shirts are odour resistant, moisture wicking, and antibacterial, meaning you can wear the same shirt over again without worrying about odours or bacteria.

Aside from the fact that merino wool stays fresh, it can also be worn in any climate, cold or hot, because merino wool has natural cooling and warming properties. Plus, it’s so comfortable you’ll want to sleep in it. In fact, merino wool from merino sheep is the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

Beat the Cold in Style With A Hooded Trench Coat

With the classic hooded trench coat, you can keep warm in style, wherever your destination may be. This trench comes in a variety of sizes, and with the option of a removable hood. With a belt at the waist, pockets on each side, long length, and a classic timeless look, you won’t want anything else to keep you warm, especially if you are traveling in the fall. This kind of coat is extremely versatile because it can be worn anywhere on any occasion. Whether you are traveling to a wedding or strolling through a park, you only need to pack one coat.

Stay Nice And Dry In The Rain With Rain Pants

Even if it’s raining on your trip abroad, you should still be out and having fun, and you can continue doing so by packing a pair of rain pants. Don’t go for the bulky rain pants of old though – choose a sleeker, more modern cut of rain pants that look indistinguishable from a regular pair. The nice thing about packing rain pants is that they are waterproof but still breathable, so you can hypothetically wear them when it isn’t even raining.

Keep Warm From Head To Toe With A Trapper Hat

If you are traveling to a cold weather climate, there is no need to pack a hat and earmuffs. With Walrus Hat’s Faux Fur Trapper Hat, you can do both, with its loose flaps that can be fastened on the wearer’s head or underneath their chin. These hats were made for the coldest of climates and are made for both men and women. The hat is made of faux fur and leather and is an essential part of any adventurer’s suitcase – it’s a bold statement, to be sure, but you can pull it off!