About - Live And Love Out Loud


Welcome to LiveandLoveoutLoud, a project of mine which is intended to make positive change everywhere, to look at the world with different eyes and seek out all that is wonderful about it. Both my team and I are not shrinking violets, we like to spread the word of happiness, and live a fun and full life.

A few years ago, after watching a movie, my friend and I got to talking about bucket lists, as well as the idea of kicking the bucket for real. This all lead to us both considering what we would do if today was our last day on Earth, a scary thought, but one which really taps into what we consider important, and what we consider important enough to spend our last day doing.

From this acorn of an idea, I began to think more about how I should live my life, and I decided that the best way, was to grab life with everything that I have, so that if today were to be my last, I would have spent it living, and loving, just as I would have wanted.

This website is for those of you who either already take life for all that you can, or those who would like to break from the boredom, and really grab hold of the life which you have, making positive changes to ensure that you live life to the max.

We only get one life, this is no practice, it is very much the real thing, so ask yourself honestly if you are taking it for all that it is worth. Have you really enjoyed all of the experiences that you would have liked to? If the answer to this is ‘no’ or ‘not yet,’ please come on this journey with me of positivity and new experiences, where living, and loving out loud, is what we love to do best!