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3 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Try in 2023

Fast fashion, or cheaply made and affordably priced clothing, might be good for your wallet, but it is horrible for the environment. If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe in 2023, avoiding fast fashion retailers can be difficult due to their inexpensive prices, fast shipping times, and wide abundance of clothing items available, however, these clothing articles and accessories are not likely to hold up over time and can even lead to issues like bunion nerve pain.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the best sustainable clothing brands online that will improve your wardrobe without causing harm to the environment. 

Tunnel Vision 

Founded and run by social media influencer Madeline Pendleton, Tunnel Vision is known for its original designs and high-quality clothing pieces that are sustainably made. If you’re looking to stay on trend in 2023 without causing harm to the planet, Tunnel Vision is a great option! Plus, their garments are made with extreme care from the highest quality materials so they will hold up over time, making them a worthwhile investment. 


Pact is known for its sustainably made, organic clothing that is surprisingly affordable despite being made ethically. With clothing available for men, women, and children, Pact is a great alternative to cheaper fast-fashion clothing retailers. Whether you’re looking for underwear, loungewear, casual apparel, or even luxurious sweaters, Pact has plenty of high-quality options; plus, all of the clothing produced by this brand is made from high-quality organic cotton, making Pact’s garments ultra soft, even after numerous washes. 


If you’re a fashion lover who likes to shop and add pieces to your wardrobe fairly often, Wearwell gives you a sustainable option for doing so! Wearwell produces high-quality, sustainably made clothing items, and also serves as a membership styling service that members can subscribe to for no more than $10 per month. Membership gives you access to consultations with Wearwell’s expert stylists who can help you find the right clothing options for your body type based on your personal style preferences, in addition to giving you 10% off of every order (on top of Wearwell’s already affordable prices) so you can shop for new clothing guilt-free. Still not sold on this brand? New members can take an introductory styling quiz to see what sustainable garments are recommended by Wearwell’s expert stylists before making a purchase.