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Winter Wedding Glam: How to Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress for a Winter Wedding


Were you surprised to find out your friend’s wedding is in the dead of winter? You shouldn’t be! Winter weddings are becoming common for multiple reasons. Not only is there less competition for venues and services like photographers and caterers, but there is also the fact that winter weddings are still unique, that they provide a hygge atmosphere, and that the scenery can provide a starkly beautiful contrast to the richness of the wedding décor. Think old-world Russian opulence in a winter wonderland and then you’ll start to get the appeal of a winter wedding.

Now, while we might have sold the visual of a winter wedding to you, as a bridesmaid, you may be wondering how you’re going to stay warm with those frigid temperatures outside. A winter wedding is no time for floaty chiffon or a strappy mini. Luckily, plenty of beautiful bridesmaid dresses will keep you toasty and looking good.

Here are some ideas for bridesmaid dresses that won’t leave you feeling out of place at a winter wedding:

Add a capelet to a sleeveless dress

If your bride has chosen a sleeveless dress or you’ve already fallen in love with a sleeveless number, but you still want the option of staying warm, consider adding a capelet. These adorable accessories can be made of anything from lace, to chiffon, to fur and will allow you to stay warm while still having the option of taking it off when the dancing starts in the evening.

Wear a wrap dress

The classic wrap dress works for so many occasions, why wouldn’t it work as a bridesmaid dress? A long-sleeve wrap dress with a deep V, draping front can add sexiness and class, while still keeping you comfortable. These dresses can look especially stunning in white, black, or navy with some shimmer in the cloth on a New Year’s Eve or Christmas wedding.

Get creative with a shawl

Shawls come in just about every color and fabric, which means that you won’t be hard oppressed to find out that matches your bridesmaid dress! Look up a few ways to tie them online, and you’ll be able to stay toasty during the ceremony while still looking elegant and put together.

Go for long sleeves and a long skirt

Long bridesmaid dresses that also have long-sleeves can still be dazzling. From dresses with lace sleeves and swinging skirts to high-necked, elegant gowns with boat-neck cuts that are reminiscent of black-tie dress, you will be surprised by how many options are out there for a bridesmaid that doesn’t want to freeze her butt off. These dresses are also perfect for anyone looking to dress modestly while still being a part of their friend’s wedding.

Whatever option you choose for your bridesmaid dress, remember to be open and honest with your bride. While it might be her day, being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility, and you’ll want to be comfortable in your dress. This is doubly important if you are also paying for the dress and would like to have a say in purchasing something that you may actually wear again after the wedding. If your friend gets upset at your honesty, then perhaps you’ll want to reconsider if hers is a wedding you want to be involved in.