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Best In Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones For Your Daily Commute

Music is the rhythm of life. Music can make your heart twist into pieces, it can give your fire in your belly and make you feel invincible. It can make you forget that you are packed into a crowded train for an hour. There is something absolutely nerve-frying about your favourite melody or podcast being invaded by a stranger’s mundane and overly loud ramblings. The morning commute can be blissful as you watch the world slide by the windows, your favourite artist massaging your brain with sweet tones – or, it can be hell as people yell through the crowded carriage and the constant ding of smartphones adds to a cacophony of unpleasant noise.

Don’t Drown It Out

You can try turning up the volume, but you risk damaging your ears. There is a better way of both saving your ear drums and maintaining your sanity. Enter the noise cancelling headphone. Noise cancelling headphones allow you to maintain a safe listening volume whilst cutting out excess background noise. Check out the range of in ear headphones and block the world out on your daily commute. Visit to learn more. By design, all in ear headphones are noise cancelling, the ear cups form a seal around your ear preventing outside noise from entering. In practice this works very well but, in some cases, a more scientific approach can work better. Some headphones such as the Bose Quiet Comfort range use a special microphone to track incoming environmental noise (such as the hum of a plane cabin) and neutralises that noise by feeding in a second copy of the signal with reversed polarity. This fancy method of cancelling noise is called active noise cancellation. Some in ear headphones offer both the physical and active cancellation and can be perfect for someone who is constantly in a loud environment and would prefer to listen to their own media instead.

Get Some Clarity

All this technical acoustic wizardry means is in a loud environment all the unwanted (and downright annoying) noise can essentially be eliminated and you are left with only your music/podcast/entertainment and you won’t have to crank the volume just to hear it. Coupled with a decent speaker drive, you can really hear your music shine! Some of these options can be quite pricey, but comfort and value lead the way with the JBL Reflect Contour Wireless In-Ear Sport Headphones. These value packed headphones can be had in a subdued black or a retina searing lime green and are a perfect and inexpensive way of hearing your music the way it was meant to be heard. With a 10-hour battery life, you can commute interstate and still enjoy your music. Connectivity to your smart phone and a built-in microphone means you can receive, switch and hang up on calls all from the headphones. A quality driver means your music is recreated in stunning detail, and you will never miss information in a call again because the person sitting next to you is unaware of appropriate speaking volume. A water-resistant design means it can take a spill and will be quite happy to come with you on your workouts.

Your music was meant to be heard, not invaded by other people. In-ear headphones are a portable and stylish way of ensuring your relaxation and longevity. With many options such as the JBL Contour offering excellent audio quality, purposeful good looks and smart phone connectivity, you almost owe it to yourself to get acquainted. The morning commute can be hellish but if you are equipped with the right gear the time will fly by and who knows… maybe you might even look forward to it.