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4 Quick Tips for Downsizing Your Wardrobe

Are you looking to pare down your wardrobe and create a streamlined closet full of only the essentials to minimize clutter or even prepare for a home relocation with the experts at Black Tie Moving? Minimizing your clothing collection can be an overwhelming prospect, especially if you’ve accumulated many items over time. But removing excess garments from your life doesn’t have to take days and hours. In fact, with these 3 clever tips for downsizing your wardrobe, you can easily achieve the streamlined look you desire in no time flat! 

1. Make a List: Before you begin sorting through your closet, make an inventory of the items that are currently in it. This will help you remain organized and focused while going through your wardrobe. Start by categorizing the items—shirts, trousers, dresses etc.—and include a brief description. Once you’ve listed your items, make a plan of action for what to do with them. 

2. Identify Your Essentials: After you’ve made a list of your wardrobe items, identify the pieces that are essential. Generally, these will be items you wear on a regular basis—the ones that are most comfortable and versatile. These “essentials” should form the foundation of your wardrobe, so make sure you keep them. 

3. Donate and Re-sell: Now that you’ve identified the essential pieces of your wardrobe, it’s time to get rid of the excess. Look through your list and determine which items you no longer wear or need. Donate or re-sell any items that are still in good condition, as this will prevent them from taking up valuable space in your closet. 

4. Store Seasonal Items: If you’re looking to truly downsize, you should consider storing items that are only appropriate for certain seasons. For example, during the winter months you can store sweaters, coats and boots to make more room in your closet. Be sure to store these items in a safe and accessible place—a storage bin or closet shelf should do the trick. 

By following these 4 tips for downsizing your wardrobe, you can easily create a streamlined closet full of the essential items you need. Remember to prioritize comfort and versatility when selecting the core items of your wardrobe, and you’ll be sure to create a look that reflects your personal style. Good luck!