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3 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Makeup Collection This Spring

If you’re like most beauty lovers, you likely feel that your collection is overflowing with products you don’t need and won’t ever use. Unfortunately, having a cluttered makeup collection can make getting ready each day difficult, forcing you to dig around for every product you need. It also makes tasks like completing an organized and efficient move with Black Tie Moving fairly difficult. 

As you begin to do some spring cleaning this month, why not take the time to declutter your makeup collection once and for all? While it might seem like a daunting task, it isn’t impossible, and you will likely feel better once it’s done! Here are a few simple tips for decluttering your makeup collection that will make the process easier, so you can finally enjoy peace of mind and a clean collection this spring. 

Throw Away Samples

Everyone loves getting free samples of beauty products, but unfortunately, many people let these samples pile up over time, never actually using them. Popular stores like Ulta and Sephora often hand out free samples and miniature-sized products frequently, making it easy for them to pile up in your collection. When decluttering your collection, begin by throwing out samples that are more than one month old, and make it a priority to use the samples that you keep in a timely manner. 

Throw Away Expired Makeup

Makeup products expire more quickly than many people realize! From liquid products to powders, all makeup goes bad with time. If you have a large makeup collection, you are likely in possession of numerous products that are past their expiration date. Makeup expiration dates can be found on the bottom of most products, and all makeup that is expired should be thrown away to avoid skin irritations or other medical complications.

Don’t Buy New Products 

If you’re a beauty lover who likes trying out the latest and best products on the market, it can be easy for your collection to become cluttered with far more products than you need. As a general rule of thumb, avoid buying new products until you run out of one you already own. For example, be sure to use up your current foundation or blush before trying out a new one. This will keep your collection from becoming too cluttered while still allowing you to try out new products as you wish.