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5 Makeup Looks to Try This Summer

Summer is finally here! It’s time to ditch your winter coat and itchy sweaters for denim shorts and bikinis. For many, summer is the best season for fashion, including makeup. Trends this summer include glitter and surprising pops of color while keeping the face looking fresh and clean. Summer is the time to let your natural skin shine – just make sure you’re wearing sunscreen, or you could risk skin conditions or medical complications that could lead to a trip to a clinic like Northwest Surgery Center.

Here are 5 makeup looks to try that will keep you feeling cool all summer long.

1. Colored Eyeliner

Ditch your basic black winged liner for a fun pop of color this summer. Bright hues like hot pink, lime green, yellow, or orange brighten your eyes while adding a little fun to an otherwise simple look. This trend looks best with a natural face and nude lip so that your eyes will be your main focal point.

2. Dewy Skin

Dewy skin never goes out of style, but is especially beautiful in the summer, as it gives you a naturally sunkissed, glistening glow. Use a glowy primer underneath a tinted moisturizer (with SPF!), and opt for a setting spray instead of your usual finishing powder to seal the look in place all day.

3. Blush Overload

Blush is being used to sculpt the face instead of bronzer or harsh contouring powders this summer since it looks natural and gives everyone a healthy sunkissed glow. Find a blush that compliments your skin tone and apply it to your cheekbones, nose, and anywhere else the sun would naturally hit.

4. Faux Freckles

While many people with natural freckles might have spent a portion of their youth covering them with thick foundation or trying to dissolve them with dark spot erasing creams, those who weren’t lucky enough to be born with them are using freckle pens (or brown liquid eyeliner) to draw them on. This is one of the cutest and simplest summer trends that will compliment dewy skin and make your look more natural.

5. Glitter Everywhere

Thanks to shows like Euphoria, glitter is the hottest beauty trend of the year, and summer is the perfect time to incorporate it into your look. Add loose glitter (or shimmery liquid eyeshadow) all over your eyelid or on the high points of your cheek to liven up any look.