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4 Tips for Professional Makeup

No matter what you do for work, looking professional and put together in the workplace is a necessity. Despite what some people might think, workplace appropriate makeup looks don’t need to be boring – whether you’re off to a shift at your local coffee shop or preparing to present HSI training programs in your corporate office, you should be able to express yourself creatively with makeup without it interfering with your job. If you need a little help getting inspired, here are 5 tips for professional makeup that anyone can try, regardless of their workplace.

1. Go Natural

No matter how much makeup you are actually wearing, the key to making it workplace appropriate is to avoid things like bright or smokey eye colors, distracting lipstick, and other characteristics of makeup that are typically associated with nighttime looks. Try a light to medium coverage foundation and bronzer that will give you a clear complexion and a natural, sun kissed glow, and a light pop of color on the eyes.

2. Keep Eyeshadow Neutral

Speaking of a light pop of color on the eyes, eye makeup in the workplace should be natural and clear of any bright colors or dark tones. A foolproof technique is using a light shimmery shade in the center of your lids to make your eyes pop while not being too distracting or taking away from the natural look of the rest of your face.

3. Go for a Natural Lip

One of the biggest ways to make a look appear overdone is by adding a bright or dark lipstick shade on top of an otherwise natural makeup look. Instead of wearing your best red lipstick to the office, opt for a natural shade or a clear gloss. This will keep things simple and natural looking no matter what else you have on your face.

Highlight Your Favorite Features in a Pinch

If you are in a hurry or short on time in the morning and need to pull together a makeup look quickly, try focusing on your favorite features or features that you want to highlight. If you want to make your eyes pop, add mascara and go. Or, if you want to highlight your natural skin, throw some cream blush on top of a dewy, moisturized face for an instantly refreshed look with minimal effort.

No matter where you work, these 4 tips are sure to help simplify your professional makeup look and leave you feeling confident all day long.