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Sono Bello Reviews the Facial Fat Transfer Market


The fact that people are unhappy with their face is the same all over the world. It is really noticeable in areas such as Scottsdale, AZ, however, where hundreds of clinics like Sono Bello provide treatment for people who are unhappy with the way they look. Here Sono Bello reviews one of the latest fashions in the world of facial treatments: facial fat transfer.

Sono Bello Reviews Facial Fat Transfers

Judging by the reviews and helpful comments left by other people, this new type of treatment has revolutionized the market. And it is not just the fact that it is so easy to find a positive review on the amp, nor the fact that people dont seem to complain about. Research has shown that the treatment actually works, which is also why the market is growing so much.

Fish Hut transfers are the latest type of technology used for facial rejuvenation. Recent study showed that the market is booming globally. In fact, it is believed that by 2022, it will reach $4.2 billion. In 2015, the market was worth just $1.5 billion, which shows just how much of an increase is expected.

There are numerous factors that are driving this market. Cultural and social factors are very strong, including the influence of the film industry, fashion, and the media. Peer pressure is also very important, as are the changing dimensions of what it means to be beautiful. After this the fact that there  is now a true health tourism trend as well, particularly in areas such as Scottsdale Arizona, and it suddenly becomes clear why so many people are choosing this type of treatment. Another interesting development is that there has been a 40% growth in the number of men who use facial fat transfers and other forms of cosmetic procedures.

What matters as well, is that there has been a continued increase in obesity. The way this is linked to facial fat transfers is because the treatment is incredibly safe, which means even people who are too heavy to go under the full anaesthetic are able to use it. Additionally, market growth is further fostered by platelet-rich plasma technology and stem cell research. Last but not least, most cosmetic clinics now offer easy finance plans, making treatment even more accessible to everyday individuals.

It seems as if the 21st century is one in which people are no longer just unhappy with the way they look, they are empowered to truly make a change. Not long ago, only the rich and famous were able to access plastic and cosmetic procedures. Today, it is available to everybody. Not just that, we no longer have to resort to highly invasive and dangerous procedures such as the facelift, there is now an availability of many more options that are far less risky. This is a positive development for many, as it is hoped that it will increase overall levels of happiness as people build their self-confidence due to the way they look.