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Women’s Staple Fashion Choices Which Can Get You Out of Any Style Situation

Unless you are incredibly rich or you have an addiction to shopping, it is likely that you, much like the rest of us, are limited in terms of how many clothes, or indeed what kind of clothes we have in our closets. Sometimes however, the time may come where you need a certain style of clothing for an event, that you simply don’t have. This usually comes along at the worst possible time when we are short of cash, short of time, or both.

In order to avoid such a scenario, you should invest in some items of clothing which can act as lifesavers when the time comes, and here are some of the outfits which you should look to, as utility clothing to help you out of a jam.

Little Black Dress

One of the most multipurpose items of clothing that us ladies can have in our locker is a little black dress – LBD for short. A figure hugging black dress, that offers a sleek and classy style, can be used in a huge range of different situations. Whether you are going for a night at the opera, a first date, a hen party or a day at the races, the little black dress will be your friend. The beauty of this fashion choice is that it never goes out of fashion so invest heavily in a great dress, and it will serve you for many years to come.

Trench coat

My favourite purchase that I have made was my Vivienne Westwood trench coat, a purchase which made me panic at the time given its cost, but one that has repaid me time and time again. These coats have the ability tho look smart, sleek, classy, sexy and business-like in equal measure and it can also rescue you from a clothing shortage. If you are looking for a great coat to invest in, that will help you in a wide range of situations, the trench coat is most definitely your best bet.

Lumberjack Shirt

A soft , well fitted lumberjack shirt is one of the most versatile pieces which I own, and I love it because of the different styles and events that I can use it for. Whether you want to look sexy and add some heels and skinny jeans, classy with some pleated trousers and flats, or even look summery with some Daisy  Duke-style shorts, you can do it all with a lumberjack shirt. You can pick these shirts up at great prices and they work so will with many styles.

Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere never, ever goes out of style and a smart cashmere sweater can really set off any outfit. These sweaters not only serve you if you want to get that sensible look, they can also look quite sexy given their figure-hugging design. Cashmere isn’t cheap but it can easily last you a lifetime, meaning that you can count on your well made sweater for many more years to come.

What are your favourite utility pieces? Let us know in the comments below this post.