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4 of the Most Fashionable Winter Accessories

Winter is fast approaching and with it the unfortunate promise of freezing temperatures and brutal winds. This is the time when many of us break out our heavy coats and winter accessories. But just because you have to bundle up in extra layers of clothes doesn’t mean you have to look like an overstuffed marshmallow. As for the extra accessories that cover up exposed portions of skin, there are an abundance of options to suit a variety of styles. Here are some of the most fashionable accessories you’ll want to wear this winter.

Keep Those Ears Warm!

One of the first things people adopt when the cold rolls in is some form of winter cap to keep their head and ears warm, and there are a lot of different options available. Stocking caps are widely available and look great. You can get them as thin or as thick as you’d like, some with poof balls on top and others with strings dangling from either side. These are great for the average person walking to class or their car, as well as those with occupations that require them to work outside, such as roofers at Alpha Elite Roofing or construction workers. Alternatively, you might choose a trapper-style cap, where flaps come down to cover both ears and are often lined with wool or faux fur. Don’t want to mess up your perfect hair? Earmuffs are a classic option that isn’t seen too often anymore, but if anybody can pull them off, it’s you.

Fight Frostbite With Cozy Gloves

Your hands tend to be fairly important tools, as you use them every day for just about anything and everything, so it makes sense to want to keep them safe. With a quality pair of gloves, you can do just that. They come in countless colors, types, and materials, like leather, knitted, wool, and so many more. They are the perfect clothing accessory to keep your fingers from going purple and falling off. Mittens are also acceptable.

Scarves: Classic and Functional

It’s been a while since scarves made much of a punch in today’s society, but it’s about time they made a comeback. They keep the wind off your neck and throat, plus, if worn correctly, add a flare of classic elegance to your attire. Black, white, red, green, decorated with your favorite sports team or movie, or nearly anything else you could want can be found on them, allowing people to find a scarf that suits their personal taste.

Fuzzy Socks for Every Occasion

Sure, normal socks get the job done, but are plain and boring. Do you know what will really warm your piggies up? Fuzzy socks! Light, eye-catching, and soft as a cloud, they are a superior form of feet-warming innovation that might just be the perfect winter wear. While you typically take off your gloves, cap, and scarf upon taking shelter from winter’s chill, you can keep your fuzzy socks on all day long. Not only that, but you’ll be the most fashionable one in the room.

Stock Up and Stay Toasty!

It’s important to keep yourself warm during the colder months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. These winter accessories are master multitaskers, succeeding in both keeping their wearers toasty and looking good while doing it.