A City Girl's Guide To LA - Live And Love Out Loud

A City Girl’s Guide To LA


If you’re a lover of cities then one of the absolute must see cities you need to check out at some point is Los Angeles. While many people complain about the dirt, smog and crime none of these things are an issue if you’re looking to see the sights, hobnob with celebs or just kick back at muscle beach eyeing up the body builders. Here are the must see things in LA according to a city girl who loves the city life.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a stretch of beach in the city along the coast (of course) but just off the upscale neighbourhood known as Venice. Venice is a great spot for hipsters and bohemian people who like their coffee fairtrade and organic and love catching a few rays with a great backdrop of the city life. Nestled between the neighbourhoods of Ocean Park and Marina Del Rey, with Santa Monica not far away to the north, this is a great place to while away those lazy LA afternoons – and also an ideal spot for sunsets.

Santa Monica Pier

A bit cheesy but in a good way, Santa Monica Pier is essentially a fairground over the water. It isn’t just fair rides but also is an awesome place to host birthday parties, see shows of various kinds and more. It’s easily a great day out and is right along a stretch of gorgeous beach so you can literally spend a whole afternoon enjoying the Pier and then lazing on the beach with a picnic!

Rodeo Drive

This is one of the best spots for shopping, albeit a bit more on the high end of the scale in terms of prices and styles. Known as “The Golden Triangle”, Rodeo intersects with Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Drive and provides both locals and tourists with a shopping and dining and is located mostly in the area of Beverly Hills. The strip isn’t just a shopping district though and it features European style buildings which gives shoppers the feel of shopping in the boutiques of Milan or Paris.

Chateau Marmont

For those looking to rub elbows with LA’s elite, the Chateau Marmont is a great place to head for drinks or dinner. You might spy your favourite celebrities having brunch or coffee with a friend. Many people may think that the Chateau Marmont is far out of your price range for dinner, drinks, breakfast and more but generally speaking most dishes on the menu come in under $40 and you can easily get a delicious, healthy breakfast with coffee for around $30 per person which, while posh for some, is a fairly good price for somewhere as exclusive as this. Dinner is typically between $20-$40 for a dish with the most expensive dish – Dover Sole – coming in at $42. Cocktails are $20 while beers are a very standard $8 each, so overall the Chateau Marmont is affordable for almost everyone.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate city break that is a combination of cool and chic, consider LA. With so much to see and do and the opportunity to run into your favourite celebrities always on the cards in this bustling and enthralling city, it’s no wonder people come from miles around to visit LA. What are you waiting for? Come see for yourself!