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How to embrace snow this holiday season


If there’s one thing that gets me down, it’s cold weather. I really dislike being cold, and I especially don’t like snow. With it being the middle of winter, I’m in a bit of a pickle. I love the holiday season, but snow and cold makes it hard to enjoy. I’ve decided to start looking at the positives of snow and cold weather. Here are a few ideas for anyone struggling to get along in the cold.

One way to take advantage of the cold weather is by cooking warm foods. Winter is the perfect time to eat soups, stews, and squash. A nice thick butternut squash soup or hearty meat stew is sure to warm you right up. You could also try some good old-fashioned tomato soup and grilled cheese. Nothing fills me up better than a comforting bowl of soup in winter. Pull-apart breads with cheese and dipping sauce are another great comfort food to try in the colder months. You can also make hot cocoa and cookies for a sweet cold weather treat.

Another way to embrace the cold this holiday season is to play in the snow or fallen leaves. You can run around listening the crunch of leaves or snow under your boots. You and your kids could make snow angels or a snowman. If you don’t have snow, try raking a pile of leaves up and jumping in it. Or collect pretty fallen leaves with your family and make them into a wreath. Remember to take pictures of all the fun your family has outside. You can even put some of your pictures on holiday cards to share with everyone. Not sure where to get your cards? Try Basic Invite. I love their Christmas cards with photographs collection. Be sure to check them out.

A final way to embrace the cold is to make sure you have warm enough clothes. Try getting a warmer jacket or sweater if you’re feeling chilly. Hats, mittens or gloves, scarves, and thick socks can also help you stay insulated and enjoy the cold weather more. Layering has really helped me keep warm this winter, and as a result, I’m less annoyed by the cooler weather now than I have been in the past. Dressing for the weather can really help your mood.

Remember to dress warmly, have some fun outside, send out holiday cards, and eat hot foods to better enjoy this cold holiday season. I hope you are able to enjoy the cooler weather and the holidays this year.