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5 Ways to Increase Sales for Your Small Business

These days, maximizing sales has become an exact science. Companies shell out millions for consulting firms to make sure they are selling the most they possibly can. While this can seem disconcerting, it is actually to the advantage of many small businesses. If you have your own small business, it means there’s always a way to get a leg up on your competitors. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 ways to get more sales in your small business.

#1 – Promotions, promotions, promotions

Pretty much every business takes advantage of running promotions, and if you aren’t, you’re missing out. Not only does a promotion get you sales you wouldn’t already have, it builds a community of loyal customers that will consume your good or service repeatedly. Which one would you rather have? A single sale, or a customer that creates a new sale every day? 

By running specific promotions, you can find new customers and tap into new markets that would’ve otherwise not wanted to do business with you. When you think about who you want to attract with this promotion. If you want to get the people that just aren’t sure about the price, offer a discount with a certain code. If you want to get more bulk sales, offer 2 for 1 deals. A lot of promotions try to tap into markets based on what social media platforms and times are the least interactive with your business. If you’re having trouble getting new business at the start of the week, have a Monday sale. If you want to grow an Instagram following, offer a discount that you only get by following your Instagram page

#2 – Ask for client feedback

People love sharing their opinions, especially about how something could be improved. A great deal can be learned about an experience from discussions of the actual people involved in the experience. As a business owner, your entire goal is to figure out what your audience wants, and there’s no better way to do that than by asking them directly.This can also pair well with a discount.

#3 – Focus on what is working about your small business

It’s easy to deal with the negative aspects of your business practices. After all, it doesn’t seem profitable to gloat or brag about your successes instead of focusing on failures. For example, if you have a great turnover rate on your website, that’s probably not an area you should pay any attention to right? If it isn’t broken, dont fix it, right? While there may not be much to improve in the most successful aspects of your business, your success in these aspects could be the key to success in your lesser performing aspects.

#4 – Get in on the the new trends

The world is expanding, and fast. We live in a time where fads change by the day, not the decade. In this ever expanding market economy, finding whatever the latest trends are and implementing them into your business are bound to drive new sales.

#5 – Hire Top Tier Sales Talent

It’s no brainer that getting better salespeople to do the right job, but many people think that they can be cheapskates by hiring poor people for sales. CulverCareers is a sales recruitment agency that allows you to find great talent at an affordable price.