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Edgar Gonzalez, the baseball player and businessman

Have you ever been mistaken for someone who has the same first and last name as yourself? In a case of mistaken identity, Anaheim and Santa Ana-based businessman Edgar Gonzalez is often mistaken for his famous namesake, Edgar Gonzalez Anaheim the professional baseball player. Especially as both men live have lived in California for a large portion of their lives.

Who is the well-known baseball player Edgar Gonzalez and why is he a household name in California?

Edgar Gonzalez was born and raised in San Diego, California and was fortunate enough to represent his home city, when he was contracted to play for San Diego’s well-performing baseball team the San Diego Padres. Throughout his lengthy career, Gonzalez primarily played as a professional second baseman.

Interesting facts about Edgar Gonzalez’ baseball career:

  1. For a period of time, Edgar played for the San Diego Padres with brother

Not many professional baseball players can say that they had the opportunity to play on an MLB team with one of their brothers! When Edgar, joined his younger brother Adrian on the Padres’ roster, he and Adrian become the sixth set of brothers to play for the Padres in the history of the club and the fourth set of brothers to actually play a game together for the Padres.

  1. During his professional baseball career Gonzalez’ was lucky enough to play for a diverse list of professional MLB teams

While the highlight of Gonzalez’ career was having the opportunity to play for his home city of San Diego, during his professional career he was also contracted to play for the Florida Marlins, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Chicago Cubs, the Washington Devils, the Texas Rangers and the Tampa Ray Devils. Which means that over the years Gonzalez was able to build a huge following as he moved from city to city and team to team.

  1. Edgar Gonzalez was also fortunate enough to play professional baseball overseas

As well as getting to play for a multitude of professional US-based MLB teams, Gonzalez also played professional baseball in Japan, where he was contracted to play for the Yomiuri Giants. Which are one of the top baseball teams in Japan’s professional division.

However, Japan wasn’t the only foreign country where Gonzalez had an opportunity to play professional baseball in front of huge crowds. Although Gonzalez was born and raised in the US, as Gonzelez boasted Mexican ancestry he qualified to play for the Mexican national team in 2017. Which gave Gonzalez an opportunity to try and help Mexico qualify for the 2017 World Baseball Classic.

  1. Edgar Gonzalez was once hit in the head with a baseball which caused him to sit out 7 weeks of the MLB season

In July of 2008, Gonzalez was hit in the head by a fastball which was hit by Jason Hammel, who played for the Colorado Rockies. For 7 weeks after the incident, Gonzalez exhibited concussion-like symptoms.

So if you ever hear the name Edgar Gonzalez in California, it’s well worth finding out whether you’re dealing with Edgar Gonzalez the famous baseball player or Edgar Gonzalez, the Santa Ana and Anaheim-based businessman.