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7 Powerful Reasons to Use Video Marketing in the Growth of Your Business

If you are running a business, you know how important having the best marketing strategy for your product or service is. Your business is nearly guaranteed to fail without proper marketing, even if your product is truly revolutionary. It is probably because your customers will not even be aware that such a product exists. It is your job to let your customers know of the product’s necessity.

Many entrepreneurs today are hesitant to have the best marketing strategy. It is because the videos are required to have the best marketing strategy. Video content marketing is known to be expensive. This is why entrepreneurs avoid this tactic. Unfortunately, this leads to the downfall of their business.

Still not convinced? Let us read the 7 powerful reasons to use videos when marketing for the growth of your business.

1. Video Generates Leads and Converts

Videos have a much larger consumer base than the textual, image, or auditory content. Videos are more immersive, thus, making them more engaging. It uses both visual and auditory senses to engage viewers, while other mediums only appeal to one of the senses. Hence, when you create a video, it allows you to gain access to a larger audience.

Video content is much easier for humans to retain information than the other modes. People fully understand the concept and connect better with videos, for example, video advertisements. This connection allows viewers to purchase or subscribe to products and services without hesitation, therefore, successfully converting.

2. Impressive ROI

Many people hesitate simply due to the high investment involved in adopting video marketing. One must also take into consideration the return on investment. The majority of business owners that have incorporated video content into their marketing strategy have reported extremely high returns on investment. They have claimed to be satisfied with their investment choices because it has caused an influx in customers.

3. Ranks Higher in SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an in-built search engine tool that ranks content according to certain factors. You should always ensure your content is ranked as high as possible. It makes your business easy to discover. Here are some of the metrics, videos help in when ranking content:

  • Traffic: The most basic yet the most important metric is the amount of traffic generated. The more traffic you get, the higher your content will be placed. Videos already have a large consumer base, allowing you to attract more viewers easily.
  • Time Spent on Content:SEO measures the number of time visitors spend on your content. The longer they stay, the more engaging it is believed to be. Videos have enhanced engagement, keeping visitors glued to the content. Hence, your content is given more preference.
  • Type of Content:Although not exclusively mentioned, it is no secret that SEO prefers video content over any other. It is because humans also prefer audio-visual content rather, as it is easier to retain knowledge from.

4. Video Marketing builds trust

Consumers have been skeptical of companies for a long time now. They always believe that the companies have ulterior motives. Since video content is easier when attempting to retain knowledge, the content is communicated between you and the viewers. Business owners should always aim to send a clear message. The clearer the message, the easier it will be for the viewers to trust your brand.

It is crucial for long-term growth. Consumers want to purchase products from companies that they trust. They want to ensure that companies are not ripping them off and they get the best return for the cost they pay. Hence, creating videos on your product can guarantee that.

5. Connects with Busy Customers

Today, most people are too busy to sit down and read a five-minute blog. They have more pressing matters to attend to than reading a lengthy description or review on a product they don’t know about. Videos can easily break through these customers. Whenever you are in any public space, you will see most people on their phones watching videos. It is because videos are quick to get the point across.

Creating videos is the most effective way to connect with busy customers. You can even create product demonstration videos. Viewers can easily understand how to use the product and evaluate its efficacy through videos. For uninterested customers, it is recommended to use catchy tunes or particular keywords in your narration. It will stand out and catch their attention.

6. Facts about Using Videos in Marketing Strategy

Here are some facts and statistics to prove that a video is what your marketing strategy needs:

  • 80% or more traffic on the Internet is due to video streaming in 2021
  • Nearly 90% of consumers themselves claim that a video is more convincing than blogs or podcasts
  • 81% of total businesses use videos to promote themselves
  • YouTube or Social Media viewers pay more attention to the content than the blog readers

7. Video is the Future

Videos are the best way to market your products. With the consistent excellent numbers, one can rest assured that it will remain the best way to market products for a long time. To get started, one needs to have a decent camera, microphone, and an online video editor. With such minimal effort, one can create a massive influx of customers.

Since videos will be the future of marketing, one should be early in the game. Being ahead of the competition always has a significant advantage. By the time other people have tapped into this marketing strategy, you will already have a large fan-following that is also steadily growing.

Moreover, you will understand the ins and outs of video production and marketing. Whereas, the businesses just starting will take time to learn about it before benefiting from this kind of marketing.


Any business person not willing to incorporate videos into their marketing strategy is missing out. If you are worried about the investment, you can create videos with your mobile phone cameras. And as you gradually increase followers and witness growth in sales, you can always upgrade your videography equipment.