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Online Dating For Newbies


Whether you’re newly single, brand new to the relationship game or you’re just tired of trying to pick up random people at the bar or through mutual friends, online dating can be a huge help. While there is a lot of rubbish to wade through on occasion, there are also a lot of great perks to meeting people online before meeting in person. But how do you get started with online dating? What should you include in a profile and what should you omit? What should your photos include or not include? Here is a short guide to online dating for newbies.

Things To Include

Things to include in your online dating profile include your hobbies, interests, dislikes, expectations and other basic information about you perhaps as the field you work in. You don’t necessarily need to include intimate details about your profession unless you really want to. For example, a doctor could just put “I work in medicine” and that would be sufficient, at least to get people’s attention. Share things like your favourite animals, music, colours, TV shows and films etc. It’s a starting point to get people to have a high level of getting to know you so that you don’t waste time going out with someone who loves to do marathons when you’re more of a staying in and Netflix type person. Not saying that can’t work, but it helps attract the  people who will share similar interests to you.

Things To Omit

You don’t want to give everything away at once and despite safeguards being in place in many cases some nutters can still get through and if you put in your profile that you work at X store you never know who may come track you down. Keep details to a minimum in terms of locations in town you live in, areas you frequent and where you work. Also don’t share any details about your ex relationship and why you’re looking and if it was a messy break up be sure not to slag off your ex. You also won’t want to include tiny personal information like the time you shoplifted for kicks or the time your sister bit you.

A Word On Photos

It’s incredibly important that your photo is an accurate representation of you TODAY. Photos taken within the last three months are encouraged to keep your look up to date so people know the real you today, not the you from ten years and 30 pounds ago. Having updated and relevant photos will ensure your potential dates have an idea of what you look like and can sometimes be a deal breaker or maker depending on the person you’re looking for. It’s not nice to admit that, but it’s true. You wouldn’t want to fall for someone online with one image presented to you and then meet in person and find out it’s the complete opposite.

So there you have some great tips for online dating for those just getting started in the game. Always remember to be yourself when putting yourself out there romantically – it’s the best way to get the types of people best suited to you!