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7 Green Flags in a Partner

You just had your foot surgery at The Bunion Cure and seeing as your homebound for a few days – you start to wonder if the person you’ve been dating is a suitable partner.

Here are 7 green flags in a partner!

They Respect Your Boundaries

Boundaries are so important in any relationship. If you find that your significant other has always respected your boundaries, this is certainly a green flag. You would be surprised with how many relationships involve partners who don’t take boundaries into consideration.

 Consistency is Key

You want a partner who doesn’t just say nice things to you, but they act on it. It’s important to remember that words mean nothing if actions don’t follow suit. This will lead you to become confused and uncertain of your partner. You don’t want to always question if they will follow through with what they say. If your significant other is consistent, this is a shining green flag!

They Make You Feel Safe

You need to feel safe and secure in your relationship. If your partner makes you feel uneasy or unsure about the state of the relationship, this isn’t healthy for either of you. If your partner is comforting and offers you a place to go to where you feel welcome, this is a certain green flag. You want a partner who makes you feel safe and sound. Don’t settle for less!


Communication is paramount in any relationship. If you don’t feel that your partner understands you or tries to – this is a warning sign. You want to be able to communicate with your partner in a way where you both are heard and respected. If your significant other is a great communicator, this is most definitely a green flag!

Encourage Growth

Growing is hard, we get it. However, a healthy partner will encourage growth from you in a way that seems more comforting. They won’t try and force anything on you, but they will remind you just what you are capable of. You want a partner who is constantly pushing you to be who you can and want to be. Again, it’s important that this is who you want to be – not who they want you to be.

Healthy Challenge

While we don’t want to butt heads with our partners, healthy challenges from them are perfectly normal and beneficial to any relationship. You want a partner who makes you consider different perspectives. Having someone who is always agreeable sounds nice, but this doesn’t encourage any positive change to your life. You want someone who challenges you to be the best version of yourself. 

Gives You Space

While we all love to spend most of our time with our significant others, it’s important that we still have time to ourselves. If your partner doesn’t feel threatened when you ask for some alone time, this is a good sign. It’s even better if they encourage you both to have some time apart. Space in the relationship is vital for both of you to embrace your individuality.