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3 Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Room Clean

Keeping your home neat and tidy can be difficult when you have children. Whether you have several little ones living at home or have just had your first child with the help of Tuboplasty, keeping messes at bay after having kids can be tough, especially if you have a smaller home or a limited amount of space. Keep reading to learn a few helpful tips and tricks for keeping your child’s room tidy, and encouraging them to do the same!

1. Schedule Cleaning Time 

Since children are constantly playing and making messes in their room, it can be overwhelming to try to stay on top of keeping everything organized and tidied up. Instead of feeling stressed about the mess and finding yourself constantly cleaning up after your children in the same space, set a designated time each evening to tidy up messes from the day. This will not only keep you from feeling stressed as your child’s room gets messy throughout the day (since you know there will come a time to clean up), but it will also help prevent messes from getting out of hand as you will take the time to tidy every day. 

2. Offer Incentives 

One of the most simple ways to motivate your child to clean up after themselves and to keep their space tidy on their own is by offering them small incentives for doing so. Different children are motivated by different things, so take the time to think about what type of reward might appeal to them most. Whether it’s a toy, a trip to their favorite restaurant, or something simpler like getting to choose a movie to watch as a family, offering a positive reward in exchange for keeping their room clean each day or weekly can be majorly beneficial. 

3. Offer Help

Some children prefer to clean their rooms independently and without any parental help, while others might find the thought of doing this to be quite overwhelming, especially in an extremely messy room. While it is important to teach your child the importance of cleaning their space independently and to give them the motivation to tidy up on their own, it can be beneficial to offer to help and to assist your child in cleaning up their room when they need it.