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How to Reinvigorate Your Marriage

Getting married is the ultimate way to show the world how in love you are, and it forms a bond between you and your partner for eternity. Whilst the early years of a relationship and the years on either side of the marriage may be exciting, marriages can become a little stale over time. This is not to say that the love has gone of course, rather that new and exciting moments are gone, and the monotony of daily life gets in the way of enjoying a happy and free life with your partner.

If you have found that your relationship is a little less exciting than it used to be, here is how you can reinvigorate it, and get back to the free, loving and easy relationship which it was when you first started.

Getting Away

What usually makes a relationship turn stale is the pressures of daily life and so getting away from it all for a few weeks could be just the ticket in terms of getting your relationship back on track. Somewhere amongst taking the kids to school, doing the shopping, working and cleaning, we are supposed to somehow maintain a healthy relationship which of course is far from simple, getting away for a trip can really help to reinvigorate your relationship.

Date Night

In light of all of the pressures of daily life, it can be difficult to steal a few hours with your partner, that doesn’t involve making plans and decisions. To help breathe new life into the relationship therefore, why not select one night per week, and treat it as a date night. Try your best to treat this in the same way was you did when you started dating, meet at the venue instead of going together, try to put some rules in place like no talking about X, Y or Z. A date night can really help to reaffirm the love between you and your partner.

Random Surprise

When was the last time that you or your partner met the other at work and took them out for lunch, took them away for a weekend or bought a present just because? The likelihood is that you probably cannot remember as over the years the spontaneity leaves a relationship. To counteract this then, try to think about surprising your partner every now and again, not only will this add to the spontaneity of the relationship, but it will remind your partner just how much you love them.

Bedroom Gymnastics

One measure of a stale relationship is a stale sex life and in order to reinvigorate the relationship, you should start thinking about spicing up your sex life. This will of course be individual to you all, but think about fantasies or scenarios that you have previously talked about with your partner, and try them out the next time you hit the sack.

The key to a long lasting marriage, is reinvention and reminding yourselves why you are together, do that and you can count on a great and happy marriage.