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The Ins and Outs of Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Women who have had breast implants may, at some point, find that the feel and shape of them has changed over time. If so, then they may want to consider breast implant revision surgery to resolve this. This could be to change the size or type of the implant, to take out a ruptured or leaking implant, or to correct complications associated with their first breast augmentation. In the latter case, it is usually due to capsular contracture. Regardless of why someone wants this surgery, it is important that they find a surgeon committed to enhancing the woman’s appearing, giving them a more youthful, natural breast contour.

Reasons for Breast Implant Revision Surgery

There are numerous reasons as to why a woman may want to consider this type of surgical procedure, including:

  1. That she is unhappy with the results of her first surgery. This could be linked to the appearance, shape, or size results.
  2. That the implant has ruptured or leaked, or that the two breasts are asymmetrical. When an implant deflates or when the shell is starting to break, or when there is any other reason for two implants to no longer appear the same, revision surgery may be required.
  3. That she simply does not like the implant or how it was placed. In the past, implants were positions above the muscle, something that isn’t done anymore because it makes it more likely for the implant to shift. Additionally, some inexperienced surgeons may have poorly positioned the implant so that it looks too high or low, or so that the implants are too far apart. In these cases, revision may be required purely for aesthetic reasons.
  4. That the woman’s breast size has changed. If a woman falls pregnant or if she gains or loses weight, the size of her breasts may change. The same is true as a result of the passage of time. Having revision surgery can change this.
  5. That the implant has started to ripple. This often happens when the tissue of the breast starts to thin, common with ageing and pregnancy. Rippling can be resolved in a variety of different ways although the most common is to remove and replace it, ensuring the new implant is placed underneath the muscle tissue.
  6. That the woman has developed capsular contracture. This is the most common complication associated with breast augmentation procedures and is caused by an exaggerated healing response to the original procedure. It can lead to the breast looking unnatural and even feeling very painful and therefore must be resolved. Capsular contractures go through different stages and the final stage would leave a woman in significant discomfort. When a capsular contracture becomes evident, it should be addressed as soon as possible, therefore.

These are just some reasons as to why a woman may require breast revision surgery and there are many more. A woman is the boss over her own body and if, for whatever reason, she is not happy with the outcome of breast surgery, she is within her rights to have this addressed without having to justify this to others.