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What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine is almost exactly what it sounds like, but don’t confuse it with “interns” which are first year doctors. Internal medicine is a non – surgical way to ensure your body is in proper health. Using an assortment of non-invasive tests. These give you a full work up of what’s happening internally, the potential illnesses that you cannot see. They are preventive measures to avoid any aliments that you might have unknowingly or help you to get the correct treatment. What is it that they do exactly? They run a series of tests that doctors will go over with you. Giving you the correct knowledge of your health and what you can do to improve or prevent ailments.

Some of the tests they do are:

Nephrology: the study and treatment of kidney disease, assisting with the proper preventative measures to stop or decrease kidney problems.

Immunology: which covers the immune system and allergies. This helps ensure that your body is able to keep up and fight off any germs or diseases. If your immune system isn’t at its proper state, that raises flags that something is potentially wrong.

Cardiology: the study of all things within the heart, checking your arteries and making sure there are no blockages.

Endocrinology: this is the study of your bodies internal glands, these produce hormones that are beneficial to the body’s functions. If there is something wrong with the glands and there’s a hormone imbalance it can cause issues such as amenorrhea, diabetes mellitus and more.

Rheumatology: which is a test to ensure there aren’t any fluids around the joints. Which causes inflammation of the joints known as osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

These are just to name a few of the internal medicine tests that are run, these tests allow you to assure that your body is in prime condition. By going to an internal doctor gives you a general understanding of what does and doesn’t need improvement. You’re able to get a better “insight” (pun intended) of the things you cannot see within the body. Getting a head start on your health options is beneficial over all, I mean really who doesn’t want to know whether or not something could potentially go wrong. Also who wouldn’t want to try and decrease the likelihood of something happening before it happens. When you go to an internal doctor, they provide you with all the tests that are available to help you progress properly. This allowing you to leave a full and healthy life for many years to come. Along with giving you a peace of mind when it comes to the over all health and function of all your internal organs and bone structures.