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A block chain PR firm talks about how to succeed in the industry

It is difficult to imagine that several years ago, there probably was no such thing as a block chain PR firm.

Now, those involved in this industry need PR options. They need a way to market their business, and this is where PR comes into play. It might be for traditional public relations reasons, or it might be for some of the more recent reasons that companies are turning to PR in a bid to supercharge their search engine rankings.

If we return to the topic of block chain, this isn’t a simple subject to get your head around by any stretch of the imagination. For example, when a travel company sources a PR agency, it’s generally very easy for the agency to develop angles and ultimately receive coverage for the stories. After all, everyone is familiar with travel topics. However, when it comes to a more complex industry like block chain, it’s very difficult to devise such angles for the press.

Following on from the above, let’s now take a look at some of the ways in which specialist PR firms for the block chain industry can really succeed.

They need immense knowledge

This is something that was touched upon in the introduction to the article, but there really never has been more of a case of knowledge being power.

Trying to sell-in a story that you really don’t have a clue about is a PR person’s worst nightmare – and journalists can smell it a mile away. Whether it’s selling in a story, feature or trying to respond to a request, any PR agency dealing in block chain needs to know all about it.

We should also add that as this is such a new industry, this knowledge is even more advantageous. The chances are that most PR firms don’t have anyone with such knowledge – and you can capitalize on this completely.

They need to be prepared to explain

Following on from the above, something else that is required in this industry is patience. You need to have patience with your audience, and this relates to explaining what exactly your business, and perhaps industry, is all about. Some PR firms will approach this from a whitepaper perspective; putting together documents that can help explain exactly what the business is about. Others might just be a little less commercial in their press releases, and focus on education rather than out-and-out selling from the beginning.

Take advantage of the right social networks

When it comes to PR for the masses, most agencies will target all of the big social networks.

When it comes to PR for block chain, a little more thought should go into the process. This time, it’s all about being shrewd with your time and targeting the networks that really work well in this industry. They tend to come in the form of Reddit and Twitter – so focussing your attention on these two platforms really can make your influencer outreach a lot more fruitful.