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5 Skills All Successful Bloggers Possess

Content creation is one of the most nuanced, important, and yet, least understood elements of any sound marketing strategy. Indeed, though everyone seems to understand the value of an engaging blog, considerably fewer know how to create one. The truth is, writing and maintaining blogs for a living is tough work that requires a particular set of skills. Think you’ve got what it takes to make money blogging? Check out these five prerequisites to blogging success to see for yourself:


In many instances, blog-writing labor doesn’t bear fruit until months or years into the future. What’s more, professional bloggers will probably have to wait to enjoy the kind of success most freelancers dream about. Therefore, be willing to pay your dues and grind away at the beginning of your career as a blogger. Finding ways to blog in your free time now can prepare you for this lifestyle as well. Plus, it’s good for you!


True, plenty of blog-writers operate from remote locations and don’t fraternize with co-workers occupying the same physical space. Nevertheless, bloggers do need to possess certain people skills in order to land positions and expand their network.


Free-lance writers have to be dedicated and detail-oriented. Most writers don’t enjoy the luxury of a partner or editing team to help them proofread their work, and as such, they need to be grammar fiends. Learning how to edit your own work may be difficult, but it’s crucial all the same. Furthermore, bloggers need to be able to write a LOT of content. This may sound like a given, but if you’re not comfortable writing every day, then blogging probably isn’t in your future.


Working remotely and writing content full-time may sound like a sweet gig, but there are plenty of downsides to becoming as a freelancer. After all, freelancers don’t have access to the support and security nine-to-five office jobs afford. With that in mind, it’s vital for bloggers to have confidence in their own abilities, and to stay cognizant of their deadlines. Keep in mind when you’re self-employed, it’s your responsibility to motivate yourself.


Yes, intelligence is an important quality for any person to have. However, for blog-writers in particular, possessing a wealth of knowledge to draw on is imperative to their ability to create diverse content. On one day a freelancer may be asked to write about a vanishpoint blood collection set, while on the next day their assignment might center around a new style of tennis racket. The point is, bloggers need to be knowledgeable, but they also need to have a craving to learn and research more. No, you don’t have to be a Mensa member to create a compelling blog; rather, the drive to improve yourself and your work is what really matters.