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Why Staale Fossberg launched his own forex trading site

While you may have heard about Staale Fossberg for being the founder of the popular forex trading site My Private Trade, you may be surprised to learn that Fossberg originally created a name for himself as a television and radio-based broadcaster. Staale Fossberg believes to discover why Fossberg gave up a lucrative career as a broadcaster in order to launch his own forex trading site, simply continue reading.

Why Staale Fossberg chose to retire from broadcasting in order to go into business:

  1. Fossberg saw a gap in the market, which wasn’t being met by the current forex trading sites of the time

Before Staale Fossberg decided to launch his very own international forex trading site, Fossberg originally decided to get into business for himself as a way of investing the income which he had earned as a broadcaster, so that he’d never have to work another day in his life.

Once Fossberg pondered the viability of a wide multitude of potentially lucrative business opportunities, he saw a gap in the market for a fuss-free, easy to understand forex site, which would allow individuals to safely and efficiently invest funds into a wide variety of proven stocks and shares. As the vast majority of forex sites which already existed were far too confusing for new investors to quickly get the hang of. One of Fossberg’s goals at the time was to create the next incarnation of existing forex sites.

  1. Fossberg was confident that he could utilize the skills which he picked up as a broadcaster to promote his brand new business

One of the reasons why Fossberg wasn’t concerned about diversifying his career from public broadcaster to overnight online entrepreneur is that Fossberg was confident that he could use the communication skills which he picked up over several decades of broadcasting, in order to confidently promote his new business, My Private Trade. Which allows individuals to make anonymous trades, without having to worry about their personal information being sold off to third parties, such as marketing firms!

  1. Fossberg wanted to offer his clients multiple ways to make a decent income, from the comfort of their own homes

While most investment websites only offer members one potential revenue stream, Fossberg came up with the fresh idea of offering his site’s members two unique ways to bring in a livable income, from home.

The first of which involved teaching his site’s members how to make wise investments and the second of which involved giving individuals the unique opportunity to sign up as brand ambassadors for his forex site My Private Trade. While paying members to promote his site in return may be classed as a pyramid scheme, every member who has recruited a new member, has been paid for their work as a My Private Trade ambassador!

Hopefully, after reading the above information, you have a far clearer idea of the reasons why Fossberg decided to retire from working as a popular public broadcaster in order to help both himself and individuals around the world, be able to anonymously invest their disposable incomes in a wide variety of lucrative stocks and shares.