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Dubai’s Most Popular Spots for Surfing

The Arabian Gulf where Dubai is located, is an inland sea and does not open to an ocean. Nonetheless, the Gulf experiences big winds and winter storms that generate winds on the beach. Since the Gulf is a long stretch, these winds create surfable waves.

The most consistent conditions for surfing in Dubai falls between October and June. During summer that mostly falls between June and September, the lower east coast can be a good place to surf because of the Khareef monsoon winds. In other months, there are good waves enough to enjoy and learn surfing on warm waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Here are some of the most popular surfing spots in Dubai

1. Sunset beach

Located just next to the Burj Al Arab building, this is perhaps the most popular beach for surfing in Dubai.  The beach features incredible waves that cater to a variety of surfing abilities. It hosts many expert surfers as well as wannabes. So, show up with your paddle board and have the most exhilarating experience of your life.

2. North Beach

Pearl Jumeriah is a unique example of a man-made project that created waves. North Beach is a popular surfing joint in Dubai because of the quality of sandbanks and incredible waves. This beach is mainly divided into a public beach and private beach known as the Nikki beach which can only be accessed through the hotel. Since it is private, it is uncrowded and therefore provides utmost privacy.

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3. Sharjah and Surf Ajman beaches

These beaches offer an impressive surfing spot with virtually no crowds. Making a trip here, especially when the waves are swelling, can be very rewarding.

4. The Kite Beach

The Kite Beach is an only five-minute drive to the north. It is named so due to the flocks of kite surfers who visit the beach. This is an ideal location for various water sports including wakeboarding, kayaking and paddle boarding. The beach features different cafés and fleet of food trucks where you can indulge in some mouth-watering food while enjoying the views of the crystal blue Arabian sea.