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3 Places to Travel in the United States on a Budget

Everyone loves to travel, but doing so can be expensive. Finding affordable places to travel that will allow you to experience a fun vacation without breaking the bank can be difficult, but doing so is not impossible. Whether you’re looking for some fun destinations as you travel across the country for a procedure at ThriveMD or are attempting to plan a family vacation on a tight budget, here are some of the best affordable travel destinations in the United States. 

Washington, DC

From history buffs to foodies and everything in between, Washington, DC is the perfect tourist destination for travelers of all ages. Want to take a family vacation packed with age appropriate activities that will engage the kids without boring the adults? Head to the White House, Washington Monument, or one of many free and expansive museums in the heart of DC. Looking for a fun weekend getaway complete with delicious food, lively bars, and live entertainment? DC is the perfect getaway. Despite all that the city has to offer, it is a relatively underrated vacation spot, and is perfect for travelers on a budget. 

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis has everything: world famous cuisine, nationally renowned sports teams, an abundance of free museums, and more. Eat delicious toasted ravioli, provel cheese, and St. Louis style barbecue before spending a day lounging in the sun at Forest Park, the largest park in the country. Or, admire the city’s views from atop the Gateway Arch before heading down the street for a Cardinal’s baseball game. Whatever you decide to do during your getaway to St. Louis, rest assured knowing that you can have a great time on a budget, as this is one of the most affordable destinations for tourists in the midwest. 

San Antonio, Texas

Widely known as one of the cheapest tourist destinations in the United States, San Antonio, Texas offers travelers a unique blend of American history and Mexican culture all in one beautiful city. With more free (or next to free) tourist attractions than any other US city including museums, gardens, and expansive parks, San Antonio is one of the most unique and affordable places that any tourist of any age in the country can travel to, even on the tightest budget.