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3 of the Best Day Trips to Take From Mexico City

Mexico City seems to become more and more popular as each year goes by, and despite few people knowing much about it when I lived there for a short while some years ago, it seems that everyone is now raving about it. To be honest with you, I can completely understand why, this ever-growing city offers tourists the perfect blend of traditional Mexico mixed with the modern and forward thinking culture which the city has is now known for. From street food to offering over 150 museums to visit, it is fair to say that you won’t get bored in this fast-paced metropolis. Today however I want to look a little outside of the city, and inform you about 5 of the best day trips which you can take, from your base in Mexico City.


Here’s a quick question for you, where is the largest pyramid in the world? If Egypt was your answer then unfortunately, you are mistaken as the largest pyramid in the world is actually in Mexico, in a small town called Cholula. The pyramid is situated underneath what appear to be nothing more than large mountain, but in reality it is much more than that. This enormous pyramid, measured in volume at a size of 4.45 million m³, is bigger than the rest and it is a truly fascinating experience to delve below the earth and learn more about this wonderful feat of human engineering. The Mexican government began a campaign to protect a great number of traditional towns, and Cholula is one of them. A colourful town with artisan markets and traditional food on offer throughout, and the best part? The town lies  just 2 hours from the capital.

Real Del Monte

Real del Monte is situated just an hour and forty minutes from Mexico City, in the state of Hidalgo. This town is also a Pueblo Magico – the governmental protection program – and has its roots in silver and gold mining. Whilst the mines are not in use anymore, the impression which they have left behind still remains. A very interesting piece of heritage about this town, is that English miners from Cornwall arrived in the 19 Century, to help share their knowledge. In the process the English did help make the mining practices more efficient, and also brought with them Cornish pasties, and most importantly, they brought football to Mexico. In the centre of the town you can stand on the site where the first game was ever played, a short walk from there and you can visit the English cemetery where English men and women are buried, all facing the UK. Even more interestingly, there is one grave for a circus clown called Richard Bell, who, in his defiance against the British establishment, asked for his grave to face a different direction, and the Mexicans duly obliged.

La Marquesa

One thing which Mexico is not always known for, is its rolling green fields, thick bushy forests and flowing streams, yet thats exactly what you will find in a place called La Marquesa. Predominantly farm land, this region offers plenty of places for you to hike, climb, swim and even indulge in activities from horse riding to quad biking. Getting out of the city always feels great and what is most amazing about this spot in the south of the city, is that it will only take you an hour to get there. If you want to spend a day in the countryside, simply head south from one of the world’s largest cities, and find the peace and tranquility which you have been looking for.

Have you been to Mexico City? What were your favourite places?