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Pool Gates: Why a Glass Gate is a Must for Your Pool!

Did you know that hundreds of children drown or receive submersion injuries in residential pools each year? This is exactly why it is mandatory to install pool gates and fences around your swimming pool so that you can avoid serious accidents and fatalities. However, when the view is great, the last thing we want to do to our swimming pool is to enclose it in an obvious manner. Good news is, glass gates and fences have the solution to your problem.

Now you don’t have to compromise on either style or safety. Glass pool fencing provides a refined and stylish solution for a safer area around the pool. Frameless glass gates allow you to make the best out of your pool view while providing safety and security at the same time. Not only do these glass gates appear aesthetically pleasing but they are easy to maintain, strong and are a reliable solution.

Why should you get Glass pool gates and fence?

Even though swimming pools are the favorite place to hang around in summers, we should not forget to ensure the safety measures around them. Glass gates and fences are ideal ways of preventing accidents while at the same time not compromising on the aesthetics. Read down below to find out why you should get Glass pool gates and fence installed in your backyard.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance is one of the most important factors to consider when installing something outdoors. The best part about glass gates and fences are that they are low maintenance. You wouldn’t have to hire professional cleaners to do so.

They are long lasting

Glass pool gates and fences are extremely durable. Whether you live in a place with extreme humidity or high temperature, these glass fences are manufactured to last a lifetime.

Can fit in any Garden

The best part about glass gates is that they can fit in any landscape design. Whether you have a minimalistic garden, contemporary, or any other style, glass pool gates and fences accommodate to your personal aesthetic.

Adds value to the property

Glass pool gates add value to the property as it allows users to benefit from the picturesque view while adding the feature of security.

Provides security in a non-obtrusive way

One of the main reasons why wooden fencing is not preferred is because of the view it can block. You are unable to see what’s happening inside the pool and they are also aesthetically unappealing. Installing a glass gate allows you to have a great scenic view along with safety.

Gives the illusion of a bigger space

Did you know that installation of a glass fence and pool gate makes space appear larger? Install glass gates and fencing now to make your backyard look scenic and stylish.

Where to purchase?

Aquaview Fencing is one recommended company that uses premium quality glass that is highly polished and smooth in all of its products. Visit their website for the best glass gates, railing, and fences that are durable, resilient and will last you a lifetime. An investment worth your while.