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Excellent Tips For Improving Your Home’s Security

You don’t want to comehome from vacation and see that your front door is broken and all of your valuables are gone. If you want your home to feel completely safe and secure at all times, you should follow these helpful tips. 

According to the information collected by Statistics Canada, there were 319,775 property crime violations reported to the Ontario police in 2016  — 39,929 of those incidents were for breaking and entering, 4,539 were for theft of items valued over $5000 and 155,021 were for theft of items valued under $5000. It’s possible that your home will never become a target and that you will never become a victim of one of these specific non-violent crimes, but it’s always wise to prepare for the worst.

The first thing you should do is safeguard the areas where an unwanted intruder is going to come through — this means protecting your entrance doors and your windows, especially the ones located on the first floor of your home. Follow effective tips to burglarproof your doors like upgrading all entrance doors to durable options, installing deadbolts and getting secondary locks for additional protection. If you are looking to find sturdy and reliable door options nearby so that you can increase your home’s security, you should look to Golden Windows for help. This is the dedicated window company London Ontario builders and homeowners have used for years — they also have reliable Kitchener and Ottawa custom doors and windows locations. You can visit their local showrooms or go to their website to learn about replacement door options and window options available — they use high-quality materials, expert designs and dependable locking systems. Another handy precaution would be to choose window styles that are difficult to force open from the outside, like casement and awning windows.


If you truly want to improve your home’s security, you will need to do more than upgrade your entrances — you will have to modify your behaviourto avoid making your property a target. One important habit to start is to keep your doors and windows locked at moments where your home would be vulnerable to intruders, such as when you are sleeping or when it is completely empty. Here is a list of other essential home security tips that you should follow if you want to stop letting strangers know when your property is easy to break into:

  • If you have a security system keypad installed inside of your home, have it placed in a location that is not visible from the outside.
  • Put prickly plants around your ground-floor windows like rosebushes, creeping juniper and gooseberry bushesto deter intruders.
  • If you plan on going on vacation for several days, ask your neighbor to grab your mail and delivered items.

When you pair your durable entrances with some sensible safety habits, your property will not be considered an easy target for intruders. You can ease your worries and know for sure that you can come back home and find that everything is just as you left it.