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Your Choice when It Comes to a Sauna Heater

If you want to be able to enjoy your song experience, then it is vital that you have the correct sauna heater in place.When you start looking for heaters, you will quickly find that you have a number of different types available. This includes the electric sauna heater and the infrared sauna heater, although you can also go traditional and opt for gas or wood. The one that is really different in this list is the infrared heater because it does not heat the air but rather your skin directly.

Choosing a Sauna Heater

The infrared sauna heater is perhaps the most popular right now as it uses the most advanced type of technology. However, you will quickly find that there are many different infrared heaters available as well period by far the best ones are those that are fitted with concave ceramic elements, as these offer a more even and consistent heating than those that use elements that are rod shaped. Ovens also used rod shaped elements, so you will quickly be able to see why that is perhaps not the best choice to heat you as a human being. Infrared heaters do work in the same way as the sun does, although there temperatures are obviously lot lower, they do not use any UV light. This means that you do not have to worry about being exposed to harmful radiation.

What is really unique is that this type of heater doesn’t do what electric, wood, or gas heaters do, which is to heat the air. Rather, an infrared heater will warm up your body, which means it doesn’t use as much energy while reaching for deeper penetration into your muscles. Unsurprisingly, the majority of users feel that the infrared heater is far more comfortable than electric ones. Additionally, because an infrared heater will not cause any steam, the environment will also be more germ-free, meaning that you will feel cleaner both during and after your session. Last but not least, even children can safely use an infrared heater.

Most saunas, however, still come with an electric heater and this is also the best known type. Usually, electric heaters come in a range of different grades with the higher the grade the higher the price. It is certainly worth spending a little bit more on getting a higher grade as this will dramatically increase the durability of your sauna as it is less likely to burn out. Often, the electric heaters are fitted with special rocks in which heat can be stored, which means you can enjoy your summer for longer without using as much energy.

One thing that makes the electric heater incredibly popular is the fact that they often come with remote relay boxes. This means that you can have full control of factors such as timing and heat. Not just that, you can convert the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit automatically. However, even energy efficient electrical heaters will always use more energy than an infrared. Hence, if you are concerned about sustainability and your carbon footprint, then you really should opt for an infrared heater.