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Hints On How to Deal With Hair loss

However cruel life is to you, face it and live it.  Challenges may arise and destroy your glorious hours, but this doesn’t mean it is the end. Hair loss, one of the most dreaded conditions by women could be caused by chemotherapy, thyroid disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, skin conditions, dermatitis, pregnancy and even hereditary conditions.

According to scientific studies, this condition can affect teenagers, even though it is more dominant in the elderly women. The victims of this monstrous medical condition go through stigmatization, mental breakdowns, poor performance, and even depression. Everyone deserves to be happy despite their flaws. Therefore, here are a few tips that will help deal with hair loss.

1. Medical treatment

Seeing your beautiful flat twist or your glamorous kinky hairstyle coming off without any hopes of ever growing back is as heartbreaking as losing someone. The very first instinct is to pay the doctor a visit and search for any form of medication.

Luckily, dermatologists came up with a way that has managed to treat and slow down the process for over 60% of women with hair loss. The medication, known as Minoxidil, is your best bet.

2. Hair transplants

In cases where there is minimal or moderate hair loss, a thorough process of hair transplant can be performed to make you whole. Even though this process is more common in men, it is becoming incredibly popular in women.

Factors such as texture, density, and hairstyles have to be put into consideration, for the whole remedy to be successful. Hair transplants involve the extraction of hair follicles from one area and transferring them to the affected parts. As long as you have healthy areas in your scalp with quality hair, you may be a good candidate.

If you are still young, this could be the best way out for you.

3. Using a cover-up

This method of dealing with hair loss mostly applies to women who have lost more than 50% of their natural hair. If your condition gets this intense, then you are eligible for a wig or some hair extensions. If you are not sure whether you have hair loss or not, don’t be quick to cover it up, it may have dire health effects in the long run.

Other than that, abstain from miracle cures or wonder products that look so attractive from the outside, but end up being lethal.


4. Accepting yourself

You may as well consider facing the bull by the horns and accepting your situation. With time, you would have to trim your hair completely. You may be thinking, “How will my new hair style look” but eventually, everyone will get used to you, and gradually, you will get your friends. Learn to see the positive side of life; you will inspire someone to be as bold and courageous as you are, and even gain the support of some students and teachers. After all, there are still many kind souls out there.

With these tips, take some time and think of how lucky you are to be alive, and to even have all body parts. Don’t let a minor setback such as hair loss put you off completely. Seek someone to inspire you, remind yourself that you are full of potential achieve your dreams, and you will get through each day, one at a time.