EXCEPTIONAL CARS - Live And Love Out Loud


There is a popular word saying, “It is not about the car but about the driver.” However, it should be noted that a tortoise could not compete with a cheetah and expect to come out first. In the world of cars, some cars stand out as exceptional right from the drifting power, interior, exterior, engine model, the hood, and even the trunk. They exist as beasts amongst common animals. They are cars with exceptional capabilities. How about we take a close look at some of the fantastic things about these extraordinary cars.


Cars have a different exterior which determines how attractive they will be to the people around and how much they will be interested in getting one. Let us look at Audi a4 and ford focus as an example. Both cars were designed to look sporty and function like a sport car regarding speed and capabilities. Audi a4 has a perfectly designed back optic side mirror and black optic trim with aggressive black rim finishing to give you an awesome sports suspension. The door handle is designed to reduce pressure on your wrist and the keyless system makes it possible to lock the door mainly by swiping your finger on the square located on the car handle. Even the devil would not resist such a car. Audi a4 has an LED lighting in and outside of the vehicle. The outer lighting gives you a better view of the road when traveling at night than a normal headlamp. Ford focus is also a fantastic car with a fabulous sporty design. It has 16-inch aluminum wheels; it also has an exterior LED lighting, which makes it easy for you to view things easily at night. It is a sports edition car with the height of 57.8in and width of 71.8in. It is potable.


The interior of a car determines the comfort you get from driving it. Most luxury and exotic cars have moved from the use of cloth packaging for seats to the use of soft leaders and foams that do not give pain regardless of the distance you are traveling in the car. Ford Focus has an interior with leader seat but not with much space because of its portability. However, Audi a4 has more function that makes it different from ford focus. It has more space than ford focus with LED interior lighting and a/c outlet on both the dashboard and the middle role between the two front seats for passengers at the back. Guess what, it is also adjustable. Both cars give you an awesome control over the temperature of the interior.


The engine of a car makes the difference in every car. Even when the speed of the car is good, the engine determines how long it can go before it fries out. Audi a4 runs a 2.0L TFSI I4 DOHC engine while ford focus uses a 1.4L 14 Zetec engine. Are you thinking what I am thinking? The Audi has a more durability and more speed regarding the engine type and capacity.


Reducing the risk of getting locked outside your car has brought about the development of several methods of accessing your car without really using a key but by simply using a registered thumb and a remote when necessary. 2018 Audi a4 uses an Audi advanced key system with a keyless engine start. Ford focus uses a keyless remote with a short-range radio transmitter, which in most cases has to be 5-20 meters close to making a keyless car entry possible.

Stealing a car was once easy but gaining full control and ownership over your car with less risk of people taking it from you has been made easy with this exceptional cars. Audi A4 as an example runs an anti-theft alarm system w/immobilizer to ensure you do not have to be a vigilante protecting your car from being stolen from you.

Recent development in cars involves the production of cars running both manual and automatic mode. Autopilot mode makes driving more convenient and ensures you get to your destination safely even when your eyes are heavy behind the wheel. Sensors that can detect bad road from a distance and increase/reduce the springs of the car accordingly to avoid any form of a crash resulting from passing the road are now in use.