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3 Hot Features You’ll Only Find On Luxury Cars

Luxury cars boast a whole load features that your traditional cars do not, features ranging from the simple to the more extravagant. Below are 3 hot features that you will only find available in a luxury car.


Luxury cars often get the highest safety rating possible because they contain many features specifically designed to maximize driver and passenger safety, and then go through intense, thorough testing. Here are a just a few of the remarkable safety features you might find in luxury car (you can read about more here on the AUTO ONE Group Blog which has a load of useful material on luxury cars):

  • Airbags: Luxury vehicles have more air bags installed than many of your traditional vehicles:  They have front and side air bags, including curtain air bags, and some luxury SUVs even have air bags that protect each row.
    • Head restraints: Head restraints help to reduce the chance of getting whiplash during a car accident, and the ones in luxury vehicles are specifically designed to be particularly effective in this regard.
    • Power adjusting steering wheel: This type of steering will help the driver to be as comfortable as possible, while distancing the driver away from the airbag (which helps to prevent air bag-related injuries.)
    • Back up cameras and sensors: These features help you detect anything behind your vehicle, saving you from potentially hitting something – or worse, someone.
    • Night vision: Many luxury cars offer night vision technologywith their headlights, allowing you to see even better and further.

Infotainment System

Many luxury cars come with high quality, cutting edge infotainment systems, which not only play music, but also can check the weather, check your texts, play videos and access the internet. Many come with an iPad device in them allowing you access to the full range of Apple apps, and many of these infotainment systems also allow you to also charge your smartphone while driving. In many luxury cars, you can customize your package to have your system include whatever you want.

Luxury Seats

An amazing luxury car feature is massaging seats, with many different luxury cars offering different massaging seat options. With some cars (looking at you, Mercedes S-Class) you can even get a hot stone massage. Not only does your seat massage your back while driving, you can also get the seat to heat up.

Another seat feature in many luxury cars is seat cooling. While seat warming has been popular for many years, seat cooling is just now coming on to the market. This is perfect for those extremely hot days where you just want to sit down and cool off, but your car is super hot. This will help your car cool down faster in those summer months as well.

If you are interested in any of the above features, you will want to visit a luxury car dealership soon. There, they can help you find the luxury car of your dreams, with all the infotainment, safety features and seat coolers you could hope for!