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Steps To Help You Get Noticed By Hiring Companies

Source: Dirk Wouters on Pixabay

Are you starting out in a new career path but you aren’t sure what you should be doing to help get noticed by companies? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there and it can be pretty difficult, especially if you feel like you’re thin on the ground in terms of experience and knowledge. If this sounds like you, never fear! This article is designed to help you suss out exactly what companies are looking for in fantastic new employees just like you! So read ahead and make some notes to help get yourself ready to have the phone ringing off the hook looking to snap you up in the bright new role of your dreams!

Have a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the Facebook of the working world. Think of this as your potential in for some new roles. Anyone who has a LinkedIn profile stands out among the crowd because you can put links to your profile on your resume or other job profiles, which also allows you another platform on which to showcase your skills and experience. Not only this, but you can connect with current and former colleagues and managers who can endorse the skills you claim to have on your profile. Add to this the fact that many headhunters use LinkedIn to source professionals just like you for potentially lucrative new roles and you’re onto a winner as to why you need a LinkedIn profile to get noticed.

Create A World Class CV

Okay, so this sounds like a no brainer, but when it comes to getting noticed, a world class CV that highlights your professional skills and experience is crucial to getting your foot in the door with hiring companies. Tech companies in San Francisco like Microsoft and Apple are already fairly difficult to snag jobs in, but if you have a top of the line CV on hand, it makes you much more likely to get noticed by some of the major players in the tech industry. If you’re unsure of how to really get that CV polished and looking pretty, consider hiring a professional CV writing service to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Take Courses In Your Spare Time

Expanding your knowledge in your spare time is a great way to help get hiring companies attention. It shows your dedication to improving yourself and your knowledge as well as your commitment to the industry by staying on top of trends and progressions in technology. This is also key to being able to hit the ground running in any new role because you will have the background, skills and knowledge to hand that will help you get off to a great start in any of the tech roles you choose. 

So whether you’re looking for your first role in the technology industry or you’ve been working for a while and want to make a career change, hopefully this article will have helped you with some of the key points and suggestions for getting noticed by hiring companies. Good luck!