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Tips for Starting a Loud and Proud Career after Graduating From Law School

Congratulations on graduating from law school.  This is a brilliant achievement that not too many people are fortunate enough to enjoy.   Law studies are some of the more challenging curriculums to take on which also means that you can definitely give yourself a pat on the back for this incredible achievement.

Now that you finally have your professional qualification you might feel like it is time to slack off and take a break – and you would be very wrong in doing so.

The sooner you dive in and start working the higher your chances will become of becoming successful in your career.  Here are a few of the best tips to help you find the best available jobs, rock those interviews and shine in your new career.

Find a Job through Law Absolute

You can find your first legal job with ease if you sign up with Law Absolute.  This recruiting site is specifically for law students and companies.  You can scout all the best job opportunities, apply online to some of the highest paying jobs and get hired with ease.  The website features all sorts of job opportunities in the law divisions such as the following;

  • Administration
  • Advocacy
  • Property law
  • Banking law
  • Tax laws
  • Business law
  • Immigration
  • Capital markets
  • Family law

By signing up with a recruiting site you stand a much higher chance of getting a great job or of getting connected to opportunities that suit your qualification perfectly.

Visit an Image Consultant

A great overall look and a professional body image will do wonders for your chances of getting hired a lot quicker by a big law company.  Not all people who know how to talk the talk knows how to walk the walk.  Visit an image consultant that can help you determine a unique style that matches your body type and personality and that can assist you with your wardrobe and overall image.

Get the Right Wardrobe

You should start working on your wardrobe as soon as you can.  The law industry is known for their business like appearance and if your wardrobe doesn’t fall in with the corporate style then you could easily miss out on great job opportunities.  Start developing a functional professional work wardrobe so you can shine in your interviews and in your first job.

Practice Interviews

Interviews are never easy and you always feel incredibly nervous when law professionals are judging your abilities. It is important to do research on the likely questions you will be asked during interviews and to research each company at which you apply.    A good way to ace those interviews is by getting in some physical practice.  Look for someone who can help you simulate an interview and ask questions so you can get more practice.  It might also be good to videotape your mock interviews so you can see what you look like and become aware of bad habits such as fidgeting and work on these habits before the big interview.

Be Enthusiastic

Employers love employees who are enthusiastic about their job because these are the types of people who are willing to work harder.  Love your job and show how much you love the law in all interviews.  The right attitude is often a lot more important than experience or even qualifications.

Don’t Be Late

Showing up late for your interviews or arriving late on the job is terrible for your reputation whether it is your first day or your 100th day on the job.  Bake a habit of being punctual.

Hopefully, these tips will help you land that big first job with ease and guide you to a fun and exciting career that will result in plenty of opportunities for a brilliant future.