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How To Throw A Co-Ed Bachelor/Bachelorette Party The Right Way

Co-ed bachelor/bachelorette parties are becoming increasingly common, as the traditionally held division of genders starts to (slowly) erode. Although many people still opt to do separate bachelor and bachelorette parties, out of tradition and because perhaps they’re more comfortable that way, those few who choose to combine the two parties tend to meet some challenges. What activities are out there that firmly and universally cross the gender divide?

At the end of the day, everyone’s friends, so the right way to look at co-ed parties is not to try and choose which activities appeal to which gender – it’s more about, what activity brings people closer together? You want something that’s involving, fun, and acts as an icebreaker for those people at the party who haven’t met yet.

A great idea would be to try axe throwing at BATL (the Backyard Axe Throwing League)up in Novi. It may seem a little out of the ordinary, but when you think about it, it’s the perfect co-ed party idea. Everyone gets to learn a skill together, there’s an element of friendly competition, and you come away with some badass photos of everyone throwing axes. You could do a battle of the sexes if you wanted, pitting the groomsmen against the bridal party, or you could just go every (wo)man for themselves.

After you’re done axe throwing, instead of going to any old pub (or strip club, as the case may be) go to a karaoke bar instead. This encourages people to come out of their shell a little, and gets everyone on the same page. For the brave bachelor/bachelorette party, there’s the communal style karaoke you’ll get at a place like the Northern Lights Lounge, where you’re singing mainly for a room of strangers. Then there’s the private room karaoke you’ll find at a place like Punchbowl Social, where it’s just you and your friends wailing out tunes. Whichever you choose, come prepared with a song for the couple to sing – and be sure to choose one for maximum embarrassment!

After you’re hoarse from all that singing, wet your whistle at any one of Detroit’s board game bars. There’s High Score Lounge in Ferndale or Batch Brewing Company on Porter Street, to name just a couple. It’s important to keep the games going, even as everyone goes out for drinks, because it continues to involve everyone in the fun. You could also make the couple play a game, like a version of the classic Newlywed Game, where the bride- and groom-to-be have to answer questions about one another. This can, of course, easily be adapted into a drinking game.

Provided that it’s not too late, the only civil thing to do in Detroit after a long night of throwing axes, singing arena rock and drinking over board games would be to chase it all with a greasy late night snack, like a Coney Island hotdog, a slice or some good 24hr Chinese food. Now that’s something that would appeal to anyone!