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5 Tips To Help You Win The Powerball Lottery

When you win the Powerball lottery, you don’t just win any lottery. You win the single biggest lottery in the entire world. The Powerball lottery has shot regular people up into the very highest echelons of society, overnight, and all because they guessed the correct six numbers. It sounds easy, but in fact there are some complicated mechanics at play, and you need just the right mix of frequency, consistency and luck if you’re going to pull it off. This article will look at five tips that are going to help you improve your Powerball game, and help you on your way to the jackpot. Just remember this article in the future when you’re buying your third mansion!

Play Often

This has got to be the single biggest piece of advice. Obviously you want to play within your limits and not get carried away, but from a numbers perspective it only makes sense that the more you play, the better chance you have of winning the top prize. Of course, the path to the prize is probably going to be paved by a lot of small wins, which isn’t bad either!

Be Consistent

Whether you choose the birthdays of your family members, the date you got married, or, as this article recommends, the most common numbers (more on that below), the goal should be to stay consistent. The draws are a perpetual variable, and so it’s your job to remain constant. Stay as consistent as possible with your numbers. The absolute worst fate that could befall a Powerball player would be to decide to switch up your numbers one week, only to discover that your old numbers were drawn to win – that’s the stuff of nightmares right there!

Pay Attention To The Numbers

If you have any questions about the Powerball Lottery and which numbers are hot, there are resources online to help you through. In Canada, you’ve got Powerball.ca (the link above) to help you pick the most common numbers, as well as the most common number combinations. As a spoiler, the most common numbers are currently 26, 16 and 41, and the most common combo is 32-41. By studying these common combos and numbers, you could have a much better chance of raking in that jackpot, which by the way is a minimum of $40 million!

Look At The Trends

Some numbers run hot, while others run cold. At the time of writing, the hottest numbers are 32, 49 and 35, but check back in with Powerball.ca to see if those numbers have changed at all. Picking numbers that are overdue to be drawn can seriously boost your chances of winning. Of course, this contradicts the second point that you should be consistent, but with Powerball it’s important to go with your gut and choose a method that works for you.

Play Across The Board

Want advice from a seven-time lottery winner on how to improve your Powerball chances? Richard Lustig, the multi-lottery winner who even wrote a book about his method, advocates for playing the entire board, saying, “If you spread the numbers out across the whole track, you’ll either be the only winner or will split it with only one or two people”. Hard to argue with that logic, especially when it comes from someone of Richard’s playing calibre.

There you have it: five tips to help you pull in that multi-million dollar jackpot. Once you’ve done that, living is easy, and the only numbers you’ll have to worry about are all the zeros at the end of your bank account balance!