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3 Facts about life medical technologies!

If you’re interested in learning interesting information about a wide variety of medical business, it’s definitely well worth your time reading up on Life Medical Technologies!

Facts About Life Medical Technologies:

  1. Life Medical Technologies is run by its founder Ms. Carol Fitzergerald

Life Medical Technologies was founded by Carol Fitzgerald who is the chief executive officer and president of Life Medical Technologies.

Prior to founding Life Medical Technologies Ms. Fitzgerald ran a private consultancy firm and has established businesses in the healthcare sector for over 30 years.

  1. In 2004 Carol Fitzgerald launched her own company to distribute breast screening solutions to the medical market

After months of planning, Carol Fitzgerald decided to launch her own startup, Life Medical Technologies, in order to properly market and sell breast screening solutions to health providers such as doctor’s offices and hospitals.

  1. In 2006 Carol Fitzgerald became involved with developing BreastCare DTS

As a woman, who knew multiple ladies who had been diagnosed with breast diseases such as breast cancer, Carol Fitzergald set her sights on trying to develop a new, more effective form of breast disease screening, which would be less invasive than traditional forms of breast screening, such as mammograms. The latter of which aren’t a popular option amongst women due to the extreme discomfort which most women suffer whilst undergoing their yearly mammogram.

In 2006 Fitzgerald spent four years financing and developing important strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leaders in breast cancer diagnosis solutions, in order to see if she could find a new solution which she could develop and market. It was during this year that Fitzgerald discovered what she believed was the strongest solution available, BreastCare DTS.

Once Fitzgerald had completed the research necessary in order to prove to herself that BreastCare DTS was a worthy product to sell, Fitzgerald chose to make BreastCare DTS the primary focus of Life Medical Technologies.

  1. BreastCare DTS is currently designed to be used in conjunction with traditional forms of breast screening

While most women would love never having to undergo another painful mammogram in their life, for the time being, Life Medical Technologies is still undergoing tests, so is only approved to be used in conjunction with current breast screening options such as mammograms. However, Carol Fitzgerald and Life Medical Technologies hope that in the near future, BreastCare DTS will become a permanent replacement for mammograms.

Which will become outdated just as traditional braces have become redundant thanks to new products such as Invisalign, which offer clear removable molds, to straighten individuals teeth.

  1. BreastCare DTS was designed to save thousands of women’s lives

Unfortunately, a large percentage of women avoid getting an annual mammogram because the process of undergoing a mammogram can be embarrassing as well as painful. It’s Carol Fitzgerald’s hope that if pain-free breast screening solutions are offered by Life Medical Technologies then more women will be diagnosed with breast diseases before their disease has a chance to spread past the point of no return.

Will life Medical Technologies plan to save women’s lives work? Only time will tell.