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College Education, Still Worthwhile or a Relic of the Past?

There used to be a time when a college education was the be all and end all of education, the final act in your pursuit of that dream career which you have been looking for. Over the years however, the attitudes towards getting a college education have changed very much, and now more than ever people are questioning whether or not this additional 3 or 4 years of education, is even necessary.

The concerns which people have towards a college education, is that they will life stifled with a mountain of debt, plus the fact that most stuff which is taught in college, can be easily found online. There are two sides to every story however, so let’s take a look as to whether a college education is still worthwhile.

Most Definitely

Those who support college education have some excellent points around the importance which this type of education has on millions of young men and women. Despite what we can find online, the key is not only having the information, but having your education ratified by an overseeing body, something which could be difficult to put in place.

There is also the case about particular jobs, and the vital role which education, especially a college education plays in gaining these jobs. Positions such as lawyers, doctors and teachers even, require their candidates to have been through rigorous education before they embark upon their career. If college education was dispensed of entirely, these industries could face great shortages and a lack of high quality staff.

Time Up

Those who want to dissuade people from going into a college education will do so on the basis that they don’t want to have a debt of over $100,000, before they have even got started in the world of work. Education is incredibly costly because of the way that colleges look to cover their overheads. If you were to have an online version of college for example, the costs would be drastically lower for students, making  a college education more accessible to a wider variety of people.

Another case for doing away with a traditional college education, is the school of thought which suggests that this type of education is antiquated, and no longer teaches us the skills which we need to survive and thrive at life.

The Answer

In my view the best answer as to whether we should completely forget about college education, is that we should not, and these institutions should continue doing the stellar job which they are doing. With this being said, I believe that what we teach, and the way in which we teach, requires a complete reform from the bottom up, to bring it in line with the modern world. Utilising the internet more, allowing students more freedom and teaching topics which are relevant to the world in which we live, are all changes which could find a happy balance between both arguments.