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The Growth of Motorsports in the United States

Throughout the years, motorsports have grown into becoming one of the biggest and most popular spectator sports across the entirety of the United States of America. With events ranging from Formula One, Indianapolis, MotoGP, NASCAR and World Superbikes, it is no surprise that motorsports have developed into one of the most iconic sports across the globe.

With high speed, adrenaline-fueled action on offer on a regular basis, fans simply cannot get enough racing action, and with the sport only likely to continue expanding, spectators are going to be able to enjoy action-packed racing for a long time to come. Of course, with racing, there also comes betting, so be sure to learn more about which kind of best you should be placing, in order to make some money.


NASCAR bristol” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by RZelt

NASCAR, one of the oldest motorsports in America, was founded in February 1948 by Bill France Senior. Over seventy years on from its formation, NASCAR has changed dramatically. Throughout the course of its existence, NASCAR has developed vastly as a result of the advancements in safety technology and the technological changes to the cars. Along with these alterations, the modern calendar has also seen a wide array of changes in order to keep up with the spectator demand, with the existing season now consisting of 36 races.

The sport itself has also led to the rise to fame of numerous American drivers. Californian born Jimmie Johnson claimed his record-tying seventh title in November 2016 and is currently available at 25/1 to win the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Since its very origins, NASCAR’s influence on racing in the US has long been one of the driving forces behind numerous other motorsports growing in popularity in the States, with, for example, numerous Formula One calendars regularly featuring American circuits.

Formula One

FERRARI SF90 / Charles Leclerc / MCO / S” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Renzopaso

Although Formula One may not be one of the biggest motorsports in the United States, the sport has long been present in the US and the Circuit of the Americas has been a mainstay in the calendar since 2012. Beyond this though, Formula one has always been popular among Americans. Prior to the existing Texas-based race, numerous tracks have been used across the country for many, many years. The circuits, which range from Austin, Indianapolis and Phoenix, allow for fans of the sport to enjoy toe-to-toe racing at a time which is convenient for them.

While Formula One has struggled over the years to gain popularity from the US due to the start times of many European races, the sport, led by Chase Corey, Formula One’s new CEO, is aiming to develop their calendar to feature additional races that are more fan-friendly for those based in the US. Although plans for the Miami circuit, which was intended to be added to the 2019 calendar, have seemingly fallen through due to the disruption for both businesses and residents.

Formula One bosses are looking at other locations in attempts to grow the American fanbase. Following Liberty Media’s $8 billion takeover in January 2017, the now American owned sport is only likely to see its popularity rise in the US in the next few years. However, they are trying their best to bring back a competitive edge between the teams as Mercedes have dominated the last five championships, with this year no different, and Lewis Hamilton is the heavy favorite for the championship, according to Oddschecker, so it would be best to save any free bets or offers for the individual races as the odds are much higher on those outcomes.


Much like Formula One, MotoGP has continued to try and increase its exposure in the United States over the last few years. In 2013, the sport held their first race at the Circuit of the Americas after previously holding events at Daytona, Laguna Sega and, much like Formula One, Indianapolis.

During the period where the late 2006 World Champion Nicky Hayden was racing within MotoGP, the sport was highly popular in the US. However, much like other European motorsports, the time difference is a real hindrance in the sports effort to grow on a global level. That said, the US has a fantastic motorcycle heritage and with more and more motorsports seeking to find their way in the States, combined with the vast opportunity for advertising and ticket sales, it would not come as a surprise if motorcycle racing was the next to branch out and really establish itself in the US.

Ultimately, motorsports have long been at the heart of American sports and will continue to be for a long time to come. With such an array of choices on offer, motorsports are only likely to continue to enjoy a period of growth, especially with Formula One looking to broaden their calendar to include two American circuits.