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Keeping Your Life Intact After An Arrest

If you’ve never been arrested, you probably think it could never happen to you. It’s easy to be judgmental when you see repentant criminals being grilled by a prosecutor, but the truth is, they’re human beings, just like you. People make mistakes, and often they learn from these mistakes. We are taught this lesson over and over in grade school, but by the time we’re adults we see mistakes as failures, as something to be ashamed of. For some people, deep-seated psychological issues, addiction and toxic relationships can only be recognized once they’ve hit rock bottom. Unfortunately, sometimes this involves a scrape with the law.

The premise of this post is that people deserve a second chance – if you treat someone like a lowdown criminal, there is a much higher chance that they will indeed become a lowdown criminal. If, on the other hand, they are shown compassion and given an opportunity to amend their ways through counselling, groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or community service, they are likely to turn over a new leaf. Of course, people need to be held accountable for their actions, and sometimes owning up to one’s guilt is the only way forward, but a conviction truly means a lifelong branding and impediment that it difficult to overcome, and therefore, in cases where the infraction was the result of difficult circumstances, tracking down a premier firm like Shaffie Law can help keep your life on track.

Let’s look at what a solid defense lawyer can do for you:

Bail & Beyond: Crafting the Narrative

First of all, it’s extremely important to make bail, otherwise you won’t be able to work closely with your lawyer. When you hit up a law firm for a free consultation immediately following your arrest, you can get the ball rolling and have them represent you at the bail hearing. Staying in prison between the crime and your court case can be massively stressful (for obvious reasons), and tough on your nerves. When facing the prosecution in front of the judge, you want to look healthy and collected; you want to be able to control your emotions.

Find a lawyer who will give you a quote up-front and spend a good amount of time getting to know you and your story. The personal touch can make all the difference. The file set in front of the judge presents your crime in isolation, without the story of your life and the difficult circumstances that led to the incident in question. When defendants are seen as two-dimensional caricatures without depth or promise, there is a danger of throwing them in prison without a second thought. Don’t imagine that you can talk your way out of a guilty sentence and don’t assume your life is over. Instead,find a lawyer who can collaborate, help you understand the situation and navigate the legal system.

Qualities to Look for

Effective defense lawyers have often worked on both sides of the courtroom – for the prosecution and the defense. This panoramic view of the legal system offers a deeper knowledge of how to mount a strong defense or obtain the lightest possible sentence. Finding an effective, experiencedlawyer with a strong track record means you’ll have a capable, adaptable force on your side so you can continue living your life when the dust settles.