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Start Taking Yoga Online to Reduce Cortisol Levels

Yoga has become known for its ability to help people reduce their stress because of its use of stress-reducing techniques like being present, clearing the mind, controlling the breath, and exercise. More people have discovered that a consistent yoga routine is one of the best ways to reduce stress in their lives. If you don’t have time to go to the studio, practicing yoga online with companies like Glo allows you to get all of the benefits of yoga, without the hassle.

The Effects of Cortisol on Your Body

Cortisol is considered the “fight-or-flight” hormone that allows your body to go into crisis. It is the body’s way of keeping inflammation down, regulating the blood pressure and blood sugar, while also managing the way your body uses fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. It developed in the body because it provides a burst of energy that would help our ancestors escape danger. It is a warning sign that is released when the body perceives a threat.

However, chronic stress can interfere with your body’s proper functioning. It can lead to heart disease, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, and even memory problems. Neuroscientists have even determined that chronic stress and cortisol can affect the brain structure and connectivity, creating mood disorders and learning difficulties.

How Yoga Reduces Stress

Yoga can help reduce the cortisol levels in your body through controlled breathing. Learning to take deep breaths can help you keep your body calm in stressful situations. Becoming more aware of the way you are breathing can provide you with the ability to regulate it.

Yoga also encourages the body to relax. The enforced relaxation of savasana helps your mind and body feel refreshed and equipped with the tools to face the stresses of today’s modern world.

Exercise has also been known to reduce stress. The variety of different kinds of yoga allows you to find the best practice for your needs. It can strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, , and help the body release endorphins. Intense stretching can release tension from the shoulders and hips, relieving stress.

Studies Show Yoga Reduces Stress

A number of studies have proven that practicing yoga can help reduce stress. One study followed 24 women who identified as distressed. They practiced yoga for 90 days and reported lower levels of depression, anxiety, fatigue, and stress.

Another study demonstrated that over the course of 10 weeks, 131 people saw an improvement in the quality of their mental health and quality of life.

Exercise, in general, can reduce the stress hormones of cortisol and adrenaline. It also promotes the production of endorphins, which elevate your mood and are considered natural painkillers.

Yoga Online with Glo

If you are looking to reduce the cortisol levels in your body by practicing yoga online, look no farther than Glo. Glo is a platform to practice meditation, yoga, and pilates online for people who are looking for a way to live a more meaningful life.

They provide classes for complete beginners because they know that a new practice can often be intimidating. Glo has a number of classes that are created for different levels of fitness, life stages, and aspirations. If you are in shape but looking for a way to build more flexibility, then take the Hatha 101 program. They have four styles of yoga available for beginners including VInyasa flow, Yoga Conditioning, Restorative, and Hatha. They have more than 300 classes with 15 different programs that were specifically designed for beginners.

You can start your yoga online with Glo’s 15-day free trial. They also allow you to cancel anytime.