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How to Ensure a Great Start to a New Fitness Regimen

So many health-and-fitness initiatives fall at the first hurdle. Indeed, while millions of people want to lose weight and live healthier lives, relatively few people develop a wellness routine that helps them achieve meaningful results. What’s particularly frustrating is that many individuals quit after just a few weeks (or even days) into a new fitness program. It is often difficult to adjust to a new exercise schedule and diet, though. With that in mind, today we’re going to focus on how health-conscious folks can transition to a healthier lifestyle and get off to a great start when they adopt a new routine. Check out our top tips here:

Just Do It

Exercise is hard. Sticking to a diet is hard. Altering your life for the better is hard. No matter how well you plan and prepare in advance, the reality is that the best way to enhance your overall well-being is to simply get up and get active. Note, you don’t have to create a perfect wellness plan to start a path to a better life. Just engage in some healthy activities and make more healthy dietary choices. You’ll always be able to adjust and amend your habits as you get used to your “new normal.”

Speak to a Doctor

If you’ve had difficulty sticking to an exercise routine in the past, then you may benefit from speaking to a doctor about this issue. Doctors will be able to offer you helpful advice on how you should go about working out. What’s more, they could also be able to diagnose and treat certain medical problems that may be inhibiting your progress. For example, some patients who experience joint pain may be viable candidates for stem cell therapy for knees, shoulder, or back discomfort. At the end of the day, it never hurts to go for a checkup!

Build a Team

Why try and climb a mountain on your own when you can call on others for  help? It may seem obvious, but surrounding yourself with positive, supportive individuals will help you relieve stress and stay focused on your new fitness goals. Plus, some individuals will benefit from teaming up with professional trainers who can hold them accountable and ensure they hit the ground running with a new regimen.


Getting through the first few days and weeks of a new exercise program is a tall order, but something that everyone can accomplish if they put their mind to it. The good news is, once you develop a rhythm, it’ll be much easier to make healthy choices and to live a healthy lifestyle!