I’ve Got More Important Things to Do #TabletCrew

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It’s cold outside and I’m hibernating indoors; curled up under the warm covers while Lana plays quietly at my feet. I’m perfectly content in my nice, warm bed.

I think I’ll skip the mall and get some Christmas shopping done from home today.

My new Intel Tablet makes online shopping super easy to do. Thin, lightweight, and packed with a Windows 8 Pro operating system, shopping from my tablet is a lot like shopping from my desktop. Same browser, same operating system, and a fast processor too. No lag time or waiting for pages to load.

It’s a good thing, too, because I’ve got more important things to do. Like curling up under the covers with my little girl.

How does your tablet get you through the holidays?

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  1. by Megan @mnmspecial on December 11, 2013  11:41 am Reply

    My husband has been shopping around for something like this. I'll have to point it out.

    • by Kristi on December 11, 2013  2:01 pm Reply

      I think I'm in love with my Intel Tablet. It's surprisingly fast and performs just like my desktop. Love it.

  2. by Emily on December 12, 2013  12:41 am Reply

    Shopping from home is the best, and even better from a nice device like that one!!

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