Oh beautiful, sweet morning dew…

Pictures of fall leaves,

Pictures of fall leaves,


  1. by Sofia on October 8, 2013  8:01 pm Reply

    Great shots!! And I think your new hair cut looks good on you -even though it feels too short at the moment.

  2. by WeeMason's Mom on October 8, 2013  8:35 pm Reply

    While the only thing that really matters is how you feel about it, like I said on IG, I think your hair looks nice.

    Off to read your fall photography tips, I've been itching to get some good leaf pictures this year!!

  3. by Erika Price on October 8, 2013  9:07 pm Reply

    Your hair looks fabulous - and your photography tips are great too!

  4. by Pieni lintu on October 9, 2013  1:33 am Reply

    I love your short hair!! :)

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  6. by Jackie on October 9, 2013  6:13 am Reply

    I love how you captured the drops of dew.... I really need a better lens to take better shots.

    Your hair looks cute!

  7. by Susi on October 9, 2013  6:14 am Reply

    I love morning dew as well. It looks so pretty on the leaves and blades of grass. Of course, I don't like it quite so much when our little Yorkie runs through the grass and gets all wet from it! :) I like the hair cut. It suits you. I've been cutting my own hair for quite some time. Every once in a while I go to the salon but I always end up walking away disappointed.

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  9. by Amanda Jillian on October 9, 2013  8:43 am Reply

    I'm so glad they fixed it and gave you your money back. I think the cut looks cute, but I know how it is when you don't like your hair.

  10. by Teresa on October 9, 2013  10:15 am Reply

    Great captures of the dew. I absolutely love the haircut! Really.

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  12. by Ramona on October 10, 2013  1:23 am Reply

    You captured those tiny details beautifully!

    You look very beautiful with the new haircut, by the way. I am waiting for my hair to grow too, I cut it and I enjoyed it for a few months but now I want my lovely long hair back. :)

  13. by Minoru on October 11, 2013  2:20 am Reply

    Hi! Nice morning dew on leaves. Thank you for hosting.

  14. by Run DMT on November 6, 2013  12:06 pm Reply

    Gorgeous photo and you are so lovely! That haircut is adorable! I had a horrible haircut experience over the summer. She butchered my hair. It's finally growing back. Sadly, my hair grows so slowly.

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